Hate your job? This could be the session for you

LOOKING FOR ANSWERS: Alan Pease (Pictured) will be here in Gympie come September.
LOOKING FOR ANSWERS: Alan Pease (Pictured) will be here in Gympie come September. Contributed

IF the idea of slogging through another week at work is enough to send you into an existential crisis - chances are you're not alone.

With a record number of Australians working harder each year, but not necessarily enjoying what they do, it should come as no surprise many of us aren't happy in a 9-to-5.

It's one of the reasons why life coach, motivational speaker and author Alan Pease is coming to Gympie next month.

"It's a huge subject, because are problems that impact everybody - absolutely everybody,” he says.

"We're in a time too where the idea of a stable job or even the concept of job security is basically a thing of the past.

"When you've got 17 out of 20 saying they're waking up and they're not looking forward to going to work that's a tragedy to me.”

Having done seminars and presentations around the world for decades now, Mr Pease says he may have some of the answers people are looking for though.

Pitched as a breakfast we're you'll be able to 'discover what you'll want out of life', he'll be here at the Civic Centre in September.

The session will cover an array of topics including interpersonal communication in life and at the workplace, as well as body language - a topic Mr Pease is well versed in.

"You'll find the majority of communication is body language, it's not spoken - it's an animal instinct thing,” he says.

"The same way animals know, in a very short amount of time, whether or not you're presenting a threat to them - it's the same principle.”

This perceptiveness of non-verbal signals, he argues, is quickly becoming a lost art.

"You're seeing a lot of young people who are just hopeless, no confidence or ability to actually just sit and talk with somebody,” Mr Pease says.

"The thing is it's just not going to fly in any business or job.”

The shortcomings of the millennial generation aside, Alan says there's no one particular demographic over another that come to his seminars.

"I see everybody, from kids to folks in their 60s, these are skills that are valuable and important to everyone,” he says.

"I'd encourage everybody to come to the session if they're curious - I guarantee they'll get something out of it.”

Alan Pease will be in Gympie on Saturday, September 2. For tickets and more information on the session, click here.

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