Councillor Glen Hartwig.
Councillor Glen Hartwig. Renee Albrecht

Hartwig hits back at Plant 'character assassination'


I WILL deal with the matters raised by (letter writer Wayne) Plant.

Firstly the suggestion that I have taken a stand on issues that related to natural justice and appropriate dealings with our staff simply to raise my profile is unfounded and untrue.

I made my position very clear before the election and nothing has changed, other than I have greater concerns now.

I made a commitment to my wife before she passed away regarding raising my children and I do not intend to break that commitment.

My daughter is still in school and if Mr Plant had spoken to me before writing he would understand that it is impossible to be in Brisbane for parliament and also at home as a single parent.

I have no ambition to be in Brisbane but I have an unrelenting desire to fulfil the commitment I made to Heather before she passed away.

I also have a business that I think would be difficult to run from the floors of Parliament House, let alone get any work done.

I have met Mr Plant once when he was at pre-poll handing out how to vote cards for the Mayor (Mick Curran). I did not discuss any future plans with him and I am surprised that he seems to have a future mapped out for me.

What concerns me most about his letter is the personal attacks on the individual without dealing with the issues that I raise.

It appears that the intention is to assassinate someone's character and not deal with issues that should form the foundations of our council.

We may not agree on issues but there is no need to attack individuals.

Glen Hartwig,

Gympie Regional Councillor.

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