Happy April Fools Day!

Fraser Coast Chronicle editor Peter Chapman with his 'amazing catch' of a 5.1m shark he fought for 12 hours on April Fools Day.
Fraser Coast Chronicle editor Peter Chapman with his 'amazing catch' of a 5.1m shark he fought for 12 hours on April Fools Day.

ON a day when the joke could very well be on you, newspapers from Mackay to Coffs Harbour have made sure no one missed out on April Fools Day fun.

Top of the list is the Tweed Daily News, which ran a story claiming famous director James Cameron has been secretly scouting the rainforests of Murwillumbah as a location for the sequel to mega-blockbuster Avatar.

Not likely?  Well, the April Fools was definitely on a Brisbane-based news website which picked up the story, as well as a television news show which called the local council to verify if Avatar 2: Blue Mountain Love was the real deal.

In north Queensland, the Daily Mercury unveiled Mackay Regional Council's plans to build a $250 million council office modelled on the US Capitol building in Washington.

The new building was touted as providing councillors with a cyclone shelter, underground parking and even a bar and restaurant.

But what gave it away was the names of the three individuals quoted in the article - Steven Hook, Jonathon Line and Michael Sinker - meaning whoever was taken in by the prank was caught hook, line and sinker.

In Coffs Harbour, the home of the iconic Big Banana, the Coffs Coast Advocate revealed an exclusive story on the region's latest tourist attraction - the Big Blueberry.

The story goes that a Gold Coast developer won approval to bulid the $650,000 berry and that its location would book-end Coffs Harbour in spectacular style with the Big Banana.

Further north, the Daily Examiner ran a front page piece on McDonald's latest burger - the McPrawn, made entirely from the world famous seafood of Clarence Valley's beach village Yamba.

The story has more local relevance than you might realise, with a real development application from McDonald's to establish a restaurant in Yamba currently raising ire with the local residents.

But it was Fraser Coast Chronicle editor Peter Chapman who stole April Fools Day with a front page article on how he caught a 5.1m shark after a 12 hour battle with the beast at Hervey Bay marina.

"It just goes to show on April 1 every year anything can happen and of course if you read it in the paper it must be true," Peter said.

Happy April Fools Day from APN.

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