Remedial massage therapist Chrissy Wright.
Remedial massage therapist Chrissy Wright. Lee Gailer

Chrissy has hands-on approach to life

AS A young child, Chrissy Wright watched her mother's wellbeing improve dramatically with weekly massages.

She remembers her mum sometimes being sad, overwhelmed by life's challenges, but would return after an hour at the massage clinic with a totally different mindset - happy, confident, relaxed and feeling free of tension. From that early age, Chrissy could see the immense benefits of massage therapy.

"From then I have known the application of massage was multi-dimensional and of amazing benefit," she said, explaining how she found her calling - or how it found her.

She was on another career path after leaving high school and at the age of 19 moved near the Academy of Remedial Therapies in Sydney. After passing it nearly every day for a few months Chrissy was compelled to inquire and ended up enrolling to study remedial massage, earning her Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2000.

"Massage not only serves as a means of physical wellbeing, but as an overall psychological uplift," Chrissy said, adding that somehow she lost her way.

Living in Sydney and raising a family - all the stresses in life - led her to be prescribed anti-depressants. She wasn't practising massage and for eight years took medication to deal with anxiety.

A big move to Gympie to provide her children with a better lifestyle was just what the doctor should have ordered. While visiting friends in Queensland, Chrissy's car broke down and she had it fixed in Gympie. She felt it would be a great place to live and raise her children and made the decision to pack up and move north. This change of pace helped the mum-of-four cut back on anti-depressants and with help from natural therapies she weaned herself off them completely.

"Gympie is more my pace - the people are laid back, and it's a lot less hectic than Sydney," she said.

In a short time Chrissy was back at the massage table. Finding natural therapies more in demand in Gympie prompted her to open her remedial massage therapy clinic, Wright Remedial Massage, more than a decade after she graduated with her diploma - which she is currently renewing to upgrade her skills. Chrissy says one can never stop learning new skills to benefit clients.

Remedial massage is gentle and suitable for babies and the elderly, who Chrissy said especially benefited from abdominal massage to shift blockages. "A massage therapist doesn't need to inflict pain to be of benefit," she said.

Chrissy incorporates components of Remedial Nutrition and Reflexology, as well as Chinese Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage in her practise. She has a special interest in working with lymphatic drainage techniques to help rectify pain and discomfort associated with fluid retention. Sports injuries, scar tissue, muscle tension, aggravating lower back pain- Chrissy has a gift, and the knowledge, to get to the source of the problem - even if it psychological, as massage assists in relieving depression and fatigue.

"People are becoming more aware of what their bodies need and are steering clear of modern medicine and returning to natural therapies. They are finding immense satisfaction in choosing to nurture the body and address the cause. That is such an amazing awareness to have."

Before going into business on her own, Chrissy worked with a physio at Cooinda Aged Care, assisting treatments with massage. She spends a great deal of time getting to know her clients to provide the appropriate massage for individual's age groups and health care needs, and is aware of skin sensitivities and illnesses.

Chrissy operates from her home clinic and at The Gympie Wellness Centre in Mary St, Gympie, on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

To arrange for an appointment, phone 0405 547 748.

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