PLAYMAKER: Hammers' Liam Urwin will be a key player to crack the Nambour forwards.
PLAYMAKER: Hammers' Liam Urwin will be a key player to crack the Nambour forwards. Leeroy Todd

Hammers bone to pick with Nambour

Rugby Union: It has been eight to nine years since the Hammers held the "Bone” in their hand and the focus will be to win it on home soil this weekend.

With a double header at Albert Park, the men and women will be aiming for a double win.

Nambour's experienced forward pack and high calibre players will mean an exciting contest.

Ben Shepherd.
Ben Shepherd. LEEROY TODD

"We are expecting it to be a tight game and every whistle blown will present an opportunity,” Hammers' coach Jason McPherson said.

"We will need to respect their abilities and need to enforce an aggressive style of defence right from the hooter.”

Hammers had a tough loss to USC in the season opener two weeks ago and McPherson is hoping his side play until full time.

Ben Shephard.
Ben Shephard. Leeroy Todd

"We won't want to give them any opportunities or they will capitalise,” McPherson said.

"Nambour have a good five-eighth and historically has controlled the game very well. We will need to send a lot of traffic his way in both attack and defence.”

With only one loss this year, Nambour will be tough opposition, but McPherson says his boys are up to the challenge.

Matt Jamesy.
Matt Jamesy. Leeroy Todd

"These boys have what it takes to topple Nambour. The byes have been a bit disruptive but the boys have come together really well with unseen camaraderie behind the scenes,” he said.

"The blokes are starting to respect each other and the boys are not wanting to shape the new players' game but react to their movement as they get to know each other.”

Despite still missing centre Owen Dugdale, McPherson hopes moving Liam Urwin will lead to chances.

Alex Wilson.
Alex Wilson. Leeroy Todd

"I will move him to number 10 and put him in a controlling role,” he said.

"Hopefully that will create opportunities with our bigger men in the centres.”

With a few new players blooded, McPherson said he encourages his side to play multiple sports.

"They should be playing as much as they can with their mates. I have always been a big supporter of the boys playing multiple sports,” McPherson said.

Ryan Gottke.
Ryan Gottke. Leeroy Todd

"This is our town and if we don't get behind all the clubs, it is only time until one falls over.”

It will be a must-win for the Hammers' women to get into the finals when they take on Maroochydore.

"There have been good numbers at training and I am hoping we will go well,” women's coach Mark Crumblin said.

With Maroochydore's big forward pack, speed will be key for the home side.

"The key for us will be getting the ball out wide and using our speed,” Crumblin said.

"Caitlin Urwin and Jemma Lee will be our key players who will hopefully get us over the line.

"Our aim will be to get up the middle and then spread the ball wide to utilise our speed.”

Hammers women will kick-off at 1pm and men's at 2pm on Saturday at Albert Park.

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