Halloween: is it evil, creepy, or just good fun?

Are you a Halloween fan?
Are you a Halloween fan? Kevin Farmer

THERE are several schools of thought on Halloween:

1. It's evil, creepy and flies in the face of everything we've ever told our children about stranger danger;

2. It's an "Americanism" and we do NOT want to wind up like America (that may be a battle we have already lost);

3. It's harmless fun.

Like a hungry wedding guest elbowing everyone out of the way at the buffet, I like to take a little bit from each offering (nothing wrong with cramming three desserts into one bowl is there?).

Life's too short to take too seriously, and Halloween is nothing if not a sugary, wacky distraction from our worries (though if one of your worries is the zombie apocalypse you may want to go to bed until Tuesday).

It's easy to give in to fear and loathing of things that are new or unfathomable (except preying mantises - they are pure evil and not to be trusted. Ever.).

Courage, acceptance and openness to change? Not so easy.

At the same time it pays to exercise common sense, especially if you are an adult in charge of small children. Don't send them off into the darkness tomorrow night unaccompanied.

My boys love to trick or treat, and I always call first dibs on their bags of teeth-rotting goodness when they get home. So I'm all for Halloween.

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