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Hall upgrade work to start

THANKS to a successful grant application to Jupiters Casino the Chatsworth Hall is a small step closer to completing its three-stage upgrade.

The $45,000 grant will enable work to commence on the supper room and kitchen area.

Hall Committee President Nancy Evans said the kitchen was "very much in need of renovations" to bring the hall up to a more user friendly facility.

"The aged structure isn't compliant with building standards of today, is on a lower level to the main hall area and is built into the ground - termites love this," she said.

At the moment there is also insufficient natural light or ventilation and no emergency exits in the hall.

"The unlined ceilings are too low, rusty and sagging. The concrete floor is uneven, cracked and difficult to clean and the walls and ceiling leak when it rains," Ms Evans said.

In the kitchen there is peeling paint on a low ceiling and the walls are termite damaged.

"It can't be vermin proofed and isn't compliant with health and safety standards.

"The eventual completion of the upgrade will mean that our hall will be totally all inclusive and accessible as well as providing a very presentable and pleasant facility allowing confident promotion of our country community hall. It will be much easier to maintain and care for and provide ease of operation for all activities. Reduced maintenance time will allow for more productive activities conducive to the community needs and expectations."

Included in the grand is new windows, to let light and air in and allow hall patrons to enjoy the surrounding country views.

Removal of the stairs will also remove the risk of falling with a new all level floor to allow greater space for catered functions like weddings and other special occasions.

"With more room to move, various other recreational activities could be encouraged and enjoyed."

The grant will stop the hall's current termite problem and the threat of further damage and expense.

With an upgraded kitchen, on the same floor level as the main hall, catered functions will be safer and easier.

The new kitchen will provide more hygienic working conditions and the proposed new, all accessible deck adjacent to the kitchen and connecting to the main hall will create a covered outdoor area for "relaxing, partaking of the views, or enjoying outdoor meals and parties".

Over the past 12 years the committee has already completed stages one and two of the upgrade, which provided new accessible toilets, a new entry, upgrade of drinks room, a covered verandah, an enclosed child-safe courtyard, improved ventilation, emergency exits and all accessible area.

The completion of the proposed "Stage 3" upgrade will be a welcome improvement.

Ms Evans said plumbing and water storage will be improved and a waste water upgrade will be environmentally friendly.

"People who use our hall love the atmosphere, its position, the beautiful views-night and day.

"Everyone has been happy with recent improvements but it is still restrictive. Once the next stage is complete, the Hall Committee envisages the hall to become a more popular and user friendly facility and most importantly we can offer our hall as welcoming to all, including and engaging everyone in the community-all ages and all abilities.

"The committee will be able to focus on encouraging more active use by the community."

Ms Evans said the committee was very grateful for the support received through funding grants and the local community, but more was needed.

"We still need a substantial amount of funds to complete the renovations but in the meantime we will be continuing with our fundraising activities as well as applying for more grants to assist us reach our goals."

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