The property has sold for $1 million
The property has sold for $1 million Bev Lacey

Gympie's latest million dollar property sale

THE Boulder Creek Holiday Recreation Centre has been a mainstay for community and church groups for decades now.

Even as it approaches it's 30th year in operation, it's clear the facilities still have the power to draw a regular stream of customers - with the property just selling for a cool $1 million.

The deal, orchestrated by local real estate agent Steve Ricketts, is a massive win for local business and represents a strong interest in the future viability of the Gympie Region.

"It was bought up by the same group who are running the Maranatha Recreation Camp at Yandina," Mr Ricketts says.

"They're a group of investors and businesspeople from Sydney, who've done a great job at putting the work in and investing wisely."

Although not as big as the Maranatha camp, which can house up to 250 visitors, there's still room at Boulder Creek for up to 100 students or visitors to the site.

It features a number of facilities, including industrial kitchens, dining areas and sleeping quarters.

"It means that it could cater to smaller visiting groups, or if Maranatha is booked out it could also possibly act as an auxiliary facility."

Interestingly, the purchase of Boulder Creek follows last year's sale of the Garapine Recreation Centre in the Mary Valley for $1.1 million.

With a wide range of facilities on offer, and an even wider spectrum of clientele a centre like this could attract - Mr Ricketts says it's no wonder investors are chomping at the bit.

"Properties like this are always eagerly snapped up, there's always a great interest," he says.

"Where it begins to fall apart is in the logistcs of running these facilities.

"For example, if you have 100 kids running around your facilities, that's a lot of paperwork and regulations to check off - things like this are usually what scare people off from going the whole way."

Before the sale, the owners of the land Boulder Creek sits on had been there for 40 years.

26 of those years have been spent operating the recreation facility, including a decade as a non-for-profit.

"It's great to see the property coming back for it's intended use, back to full operation."

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