The Gympie North station.
The Gympie North station. Craig Warhurst

Gympie's lack of public transport is 'disappointing'


I ADMIT to disappointment to public transport services to Gympie and environs/ suburbs between Cooroy, which is readily serviced by Sunbus 431 to the coast, with the closest being the 432 to Cooran from Noosa.

If you happen to lose your driver's licence for one reason or another, public transport services to regularly link to Cooroy is a vain hope.

Furthermore, picture tourists arriving from elsewhere around Australia or overseas who view the Mary River and note that there's nil usage of its length by boats, and they'll wonder why can't they row or sail in either direction along its length - a wasted tourist resource, which is ultimately Gympie Regional Council's loss.

Even to post explanatory signs along non-existent pathways along the Mary River's banks shows a certain lack of foresight and appreciation by local council.

There are undoubtedly valid reasons for Mary River's lack of use as a tourism hub which are known by many townsfolk, but for unknowing Australia citizens like myself or persons new to the area, I've lived here for three years and am none the wiser.

This could extend to an apparent lack of public transport facilities to people living in Noosa, Nambour or areas further to the south who'd like to cash in on Cooloola's cheaper real estate.

Does anyone know how hard it is to catch an urban bus to connect from Noosa to Gympie?

There's very little information out there and you can forget about trains.

Look how far a person has to walk to the Bruce Hwy from Gympie North train station, where you can't even buy a drink, and there's no information posted about any connecting bus services, unless you know where to look and who to ask.

Evan Williams,


Gympie Times

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