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BREAKING: Perrett won't declare, despite likely victory

BREAKING 9.30pm Voters hoping for a definitive end to tonight's state election may be disappointed, with neither Gympie MP Tony Perrett or One Nation's Chelle Dobson looking to make any declarations tonight.

At the time of writing, it's unlikely Labor's Tracey McWilliam is firmly out of the race - following a significant swing to One Nation. 

Both candidates have listed the significant numbers of pre-polling voters as influencing their decision not to declare, citing the potential for a possible swing one way or the other. 

Mr Perrett and Ms Dobson said there was a large number of pre-polling votes this election, with Mr Perrett estimating somewhere between 30-40 percent of the electorate casting their ballot before November 25. 

Despite current numbers suggesting re-election for Mr Perrett, Ms Dobson and her One Nation volunteer team remain confident of an upset. 

Mr Perrett said it would be presumptuous and foolish to declare anything before the ECQ releases it's final, binding count - which includes pre-polling and postal votes as well. 

That is a process that could take up to two more weeks to finalise. 

Chelle Dobson and her One Nation volunteers. Down, but not out.
Chelle Dobson and her One Nation volunteers. Down, but not out. Jacob Carson

Gympie's northern regions, including Curra and Glenwood remain One Nation strongholds. 

Looking ahead to a prospective victory, Mr Perrett acknowledged he would have to redouble his efforts in these areas if re-elected. 

As of the ECQ's last update, here are the current results for the Gympie Region: 

Chelle Dobson (ONP) - 7,788 votes (29.76 percent)

Tony Perrett (LNP) - 9,699 votes (37.07 percent)

Tracey McWilliam (ALP) - 5,982 votes (22.86 percent)

Roxanne Kennedy-Perriman (Greens) - 1,407 votes (5.38 percent)

Donna Reardon (Independent) - 1,290 votes (4.93 percent)

UPDATE 8.00pm With 23 of 160 polling booths counted, incumbent Gympie MP Tony Perrett looks likely to hold his seat. 

But this is far from a landslide vicotry, with One Nation candidate Chelle Dobson trailing behind. 

The ECQ currently has Mr Perrett sitting on 5,357 votes (34.55 percent) compared to Ms Dobson's 4,635 votes (29.89 percent). 


7:30pm: Gympie's LNP candidate Tony Perrett is looking the goods to hold the Gympie seat. Mr Perrett has 56.18 per cent of the votes to One Nation's 43.82. Mr Perrett said while the signs were encouraging he was not prepared to call it.

"The trend is encouraging but there are some variations across the booths.

"There is still a bit to do," he said.

6.30pm: GYMPIE, the count is under way.

The first polling booth of 160 around the Gympie region has been counted.

While it is very early days the Kilkivan booth, which is in Tony Perrett heartland has returned a small, yet surprising result.

Currently One Nation candidate Chelle Dobson shares 33.33 per cent of the votes to Labor's Tracey McWilliam's 28.57.

Incumbent Tony Perrett is marginally in the lead with 38.10 per cent.

In the Gympie electorate, 36,304 people returned votes this election campaign.

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