Gympie teen tasered and tortured

Gympie District Court House, Channon Street, Gympie. August 11, 2015.Photo Patrick Woods / Gympie Times
Gympie District Court House, Channon Street, Gympie. August 11, 2015.Photo Patrick Woods / Gympie Times Patrick Woods

WITH a sparking taser just inches from his face, and two violent men on either side of him, 18-year-old David Fisher thought he was going to die.

On the morning of June 20, 2016, Mr Fisher was visited in Gympie by Ruben Isaac Marcus and Luke Russell Harvey, 36, to inspect a car for sale.

Requesting a test drive, they drove for around half an hour before Marcus and Harvey violently turned on Mr Fisher, demanding $2200 for a drug debt that didn't even exist.

"The ordeal went on to last for nearly two-and-a-half hours,” crown prosecutor Joshua Hanna said in Gympie District Court yesterday.

The car was driven out of Gympie and toward Brisbane, while Mr Fisher was repeatedly tasered and brutally assaulted with fists and a baton, the court heard.

At one point the vehicle was driven to a deserted service road, where Mr Fisher was told the men had a gun, a lie that convinced the teenager he was about to be killed.

Even after it became apparent Mr Fisher wasn't the man they were looking for, the duo continued to demand money and that the car be signed over to them before they would take him back to Gympie.

Having already pleaded guilty in February to charges of torture, assault occasioning bodily harm while armed and in company and armed robbery, Marcus was detained while other options including possible deportation were considered.

Harvey was yesterday sentenced to a total of five years and 11 months in jail, for a combination of the June 2016 offence and a litany of prior offences, including burglary and breaches of suspended sentences.

In his closing remarks, Judge Gary Long SC said attempting to distinguish which of the two men was more responsible for the incident was pointless.

"When Mr Marcus was sentenced, it was said Mr Harvey was just as criminally culpable, a finding I agree with.”

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