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DETAIL: Tennis, darts and squash


Gympie Queens Park Tennis Club

COME along to Thursday night tennis from 6.30pm at the Queens Park Tennis Centre. Everyone is welcome.

Saturday fixtures will begin at 1pm this Saturday. Please let Jenny know if you are unable to play on 5482 7268. New players are welcome.

The next Sunshine Coast Fixtures are on Sunday, October 11. Please reserve this date if you are in one of the teams or let your captain know early that you are unavailable.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Col Arnell Memorial Day to be held on Sunday October 18 at Queens Park Tennis Centre, starting at 9am. It will be an American Tournament format, with nominations to be in by October 11 to Kym on 0419 794 675 or email

Also mark Sunday, October 25, on your calendar for Patron's Day.

Social tennis continues on Monday nights at the Queens Park Tennis Centre at the corner of Jane St and the Bruce Highway. It is on every Monday night, weather permitting. New players of any standard are welcome to attend from 6pm. Courts can be hired at any time.

Call Greg on 0407136725 or Jenny on 54827268 or 0402775023 for details about court hire.


Gold City Darts

A1 Division Hornets 14 Def Pirates 6, Nutcrackers 11 Def Raiders 9

A2 Division Rebels 11 Def Jokers 9, 26ERS 10 Drew Bat N Balls 10 B Division Taipans 18 Def Battlers 2, Breakaways 13 Def Dragons 7

180s Russell Thompson 2, Steve Hughes 1, Dean Chandler 1 High Pegs Ken Worling 129, Gavin Creed 106, Russell Thompson 97 Barry Summers 18 Dart Game

Points 36 Russell Thompson, 34 Ken Worling, 33 Steve Hughes, 30 Dean Chandler, 29 Gavin Creed, Barry Summers, 28 Wayne Sleeman, 25 Warren Grady, Danny Shepperson, Rob Zerk,Codey Rowe, 24 Rob Van Eck, Peter Margan, Tara Rowe, 23 John Groves, 22 John Hayes, Neil Antella, Mick Thexton, Paul Forbes, 21 Jason Callagher, 20 Annette Chilly,Craig Bourke

Tons 18 Wayne Sleeman,16 Russell Thompson, Steve Hughes, 14 Ken Worling, 13 Gavin Creed,12 Paul Forbes,10 Rob Van Eck, Kerry Treichel, Craig Bourke,9 John Groves, Larry Millers, Barry Summers, Dean Chandler, Danny Shepperson, Rob Zerk

Maximum Pegouts Out Of Twelve 10 Ken Worling, Barry Summers, Dean Chandler, John Hayes, Tara Rowe, 9 Codey Rowe, Warren Grady, Peter Margan, Russell Thompson, Mick Thexton, 8 Gavin Creed, Steve Huges, Annette Chilly, Danny Shepperson, Rob Zerk, Robin Dwyer, Neil Anttela

Singles Out Of Four 4 Jason Callagher, Rob Zerk, John Hayes, Tara Rowe, Warren Grady, Barry Summers, Gavin Creed, Russell Thompson, 3 Mick Thexton, Ken Worling, Steve Hughes, Peter Margan, Annette Chilly, Danny Shepperson, Dean Chandler, Codey Rowe, Robin Dwyer, Neil Anttela


Pomona Squash

WE HAD a couple of new players join in our competition last week: Dean Hogg (known as Scrub Bull) and Stephen-John Lahiff (known as Bullistic).

The handicap system is working well, with only a few matches going one way (ie: 3-0).

Results in the 2nd Grade Bulls: Bull at a Gate (Mick Petersen) had to give Bulletproof (Jim Herbohn) a start (16 points) and could not peg him back until the third, Bullet proof winning, 34-32, 36-30, 29-38.

After quite a long time away from Squash, Bullistic (Stephen-John Lahiff) was on fire. Bullistic was too good for Crazy Bull (Bruce Pearce) on the night winning, 31-20, 33-25, 24-25.

Sitting Bull (Ralph Frankcom) took the first two games from Wounded Bull (Bob Gottke) but not the third, Sitting Bull winning, 31-29, 38-23, 30-36.

Honra Bull (Ross Honnery) and Bullock (Kaden McClintock) had a topsy turvy match, with many long rallies, but it was Bullock taking it in the end, 19-15, 12-25, 25-11.

Serva Bull (Vicki Polley) gave away a big start to Bullamakanka (Cameron Hughes) to just peg him back, Serva Bull winning, 33-31, 34-34, 36-31.

Results in the Top Grade Grade Bulls: Bull Terrier (Michael Taiaroa) went close but could not get the extra couple of points in each game to topple Bull Bar (Kent McClintock), with Bull Bar winning, 21-19, 21-19, 22-20.

Stud Bull (Mark Wilcox) was in great touch and form to topple Bull Winkle (Tony Kerr) 2 games to 1, 34-19, 28-25, 27-31. This win took Stud Bull's handicap to -8, which is the best so far this season.

Probabull (Matt Robinson) was all over Red Bull (Gary Elson) and gave nothing away winning, 35-19, 36-27, 33-32.

The Bull Fighter (Dennis Maher) and the Bullet (Pete Elson) were close (one and a half games each) with only 2 points in it overall, the Bullet winning, 18-18, 14-21, 20-15.

Scrub Bull (Dean Hogg) showed he had not lost anything after his layoff, defeating Bull Artist (Neil Hughes) 27-26, 26-20, 27-22.

The Untouchabull (Dave Lawless) gave No Bull (Tim Jerome) a top runaround, with Untouchable winning 20-18, 23-23, 25-22.

It will be a big occasion for most of our top players, when they compete and play for Gympie in the annual Agnew Shield. This event is played between the best available (top 6) men and women from Gympie, Maryborough and Bundaberg each year.

This year the event will be held in Maryborough on Sunday.

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