Gympie snake catcher: tips to keep this fella at bay


A GYMPIE snake-catcher, who removed one of the bigger carpet snakes he's seen from a Southside home this week, is urging people to be snake wary this season.

Codey Rowe of Gympie Reptile Removal, who released the 3m carpet python into bushland on Sunday (see video), said while this type of snake is harmless, (the 50 recurved teeth in its mouth will result in a painful bite), the two other snakes he is commonly called to remove in the Gympie region can do a lot of damage.

The eastern brown snake is the world's second most venomous land snake and the red-bellied black snake ranks at around number 30.

Mr Rowe said he had caught both in the region this week; and they are not always choosy about bushland with a call-out to remove a red-belly black from underneath Central Shopping Centre last week.

But the snake catcher, with three year's experience in his bag, said there are steps residents can take to reduce the risk of attracting unwanted scaly visitors.

He said snakes are on the look out for mice and rats, but will tackle chickens and possums if they have their chance.

"Anything that is a good habitat for rodents is going to bring in snakes," Mr Rowe said.

Codey Rowe of Gympie Reptile Removal with a snake he removed a carpet python from a roof at Brooloo.
Codey Rowe of Gympie Reptile Removal with a snake he removed a carpet python from a roof at Brooloo. Contributed

He said excessive dog or chicken food lying around, or wood or rubbish piles, where rodents try to get under will attract their slithery predator in the end.

Anything that maintains heat such as tin, corrugated iron and tarps is also a beacon for snakes, so should not be left lying around yards, he said. 

He said people need to be aware there is always a risk that you're working or playing in an area where a snake is.

"If they can squeeze their head in - they will squeeze their body in where they can keep concealed."

Mr Rowe said the large thick carpet python that had moved into a Southside home this week was 'lucky' as anything that size had to be at least eight years old.

"It would be luck for a snake to get to that size and to survive the chance of dog and cat attacks, being hit by a car or people killing it."

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Snakecatchers that service the Gympie region:


Gympie Reptile Removal: 0419 482 899

Wildlife Management Services: 0414 075 314

Go Wild Reptiles: 0410 774 924

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