A vending machine
A vending machine

Gympie roof repairer brought undone by caravan park CCTV

WHAT seemed like free soft drinks and sweets cost a Gympie Caravan Park resident $2300, not counting a the slingshot and pellet, when he appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court on Monday.

Jason Williams, 39, committed the less than perfect crime of stealing the goods from a caravan park vending machine after attacking it with a slingshot, all of which was recorded on CCTV, the court was told.

Williams notified the Gympie Caravan Park manager of the damage and claimed he had been woken by the sound of intruders the previous night.

He told the manager one of the intruders had caused the damage, before Williams chased them off.

Williams claimed to have pursued the intruders down Jane St before they escaped "in a black car.”

But the court was told Williams' story was contradicted by the CCTV record which showed him raising a slingshot, aiming at the machine and releasing a projectile, about 3.25am.

The video showed Williams walking to and from the machine with items in his arms.

Police investigating the incident about 3pm the next day found less than 1g of marijuana and a glass bong at Williams' caravan.

Williams had initially "presented as drug affected to such an extent he was unfit for any interview,” police said.

Williams had attended Gympie Police Station the next day at 2pm, but declined to be interviewed.

He later told police he suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and had been abusing his medication.

Mr Callaghan fined Williams $800 for what he described as "a really juvenile offence” and ordered he pay the $1500 cost of repairing and restocking the vending machine.

Williams had then told police he suffered from ADHD and abuse of his medication had coincided with the incident.

Williams' solicitor said Williams had created his own roof repair business.

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