UNHAPPY: Many residents like Roger Hogg are unhappy with changes to hours and cost being introduced at Gympie's dumps.
UNHAPPY: Many residents like Roger Hogg are unhappy with changes to hours and cost being introduced at Gympie's dumps. Renee Albrecht

Gympie residents not buying new dump fees

FREE dumping at Gympie's tips is will become a thing of the past next Sunday, but many readers are rubbishing the move.

Gympie Regional Council has said the changes are necessary to comply with safety and environmental regulations, and "to ensure the cost of waste management is fair and consistent for our community".

To offset the fees, they have expanded their kerbside collection service by 1400 properties and lowered the cost of of the service from $303 to $280 per year.

Recycling will remain free to drop off.

However, not everybody is convinced the saving will make little to no difference at all.

Terry Kennedy "They drop the kerbside annual collection fee by $23 which isn't even one ute load," Terry Kennedy said.

"They now charge to open for a shorter period.

"How can this be justified?

"Please explain your decision Council!"


What you'll be paying to dump rubbish at Gympie tips.
What you'll be paying to dump rubbish at Gympie tips. Gympie Regional Council

Former councillor Jan Watt, who is already petitioning the council over severely slashed hours at the Mary Valley dumps, also questioned why the controversial changes are needed.

"Like I said in my letter to the editor... councils corporate plan states they will maintain current services if financially able," she said.

What do you think of the decision to introduce gate fees at Gympie dumps?

This poll ended on 01 October 2017.

Current Results

It's a great idea.


Not perfect, but the council has done the best they can.


Not happy at all with the changes.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

"So they must not be 'financially able' as they are not 'maintaining'.

"So... all this ludicrous spending in other non-core council areas is now very obviously impacting on basic service levels and costs.

"Not good enough GRC."


The Bonnick Rd dump is already attracting long waiting lines.
The Bonnick Rd dump is already attracting long waiting lines. Controbuted

Many other readers were left wondering why other alternatives were not being introduced by the council to help offset the cost to ratepayers.

"In Brisbane, if you are a ratepayer you get kerbside service and a certain number of vouchers per year to take rubbish to the dump," Janine Gledhill said.

"The upcoming costs for anything over a small load are outrageous.

"In Imbil our hours of availability have been severely curtailed, that alone was most likely going to encourage illegal dumping; the costs will probably guarantee it."


Bonnick Road Dump.
Bonnick Road Dump. Tanya Easterby

Ms Gledhill was not the only one wondering why such a service was omitted.

"The sunshine coast tips aren't free. But the council also provides hard rubbish curbside pickup," Chad Hooper said.

"That's poor form on GRC's part."

More from our online readers

Sandra Gilchrist: So, when are we going to get written notification of what's happening? Some people around Kilkivan and Tansey have had letters most of us have not. If half a trailer is $5.40 why is a full trailer more than double? No one knows what is going on least of all the office staff. It is ludicrous, the hrs, because it is a 24km round trip to the dump for me so like to take a load when I go.


Kristie Schuh Blyton: Hope they are doing dump tickets for those of us that pay rates. Council is going to find a lot of rubbish dumped everywhere.


Mark Venning: Is the council going to be responsible for all the rubbish in nine days time going to be dumped in the bush and dumped at St Vinnie's and where ever else they can dump it?


Stanislav Karmychkin: What a crock... Out Sexton way we pay waste management on our rates... We get no garbage pick up and our waste transfer station cut its hours without warning...And now they want to charge us too?


Mandalaine Dagan: It'll end up being cheaper to hire a mini skip bin for those who don't get a garbage bin pick up each week.


Kenneth Sonter: There's gonna be rubbish dumped everywhere! I moved here from Sydney, I watched it happen down there! I was amazed how clean and tidy Gympie was when we got here, but sadly that will be a thing of the past!


Nickole LovesBrian Lowe: Gorgeous Gympie Shire is going to look like a tip. There are a lot of lower cost rentals, those tenants are never going to pay the fees.


Imbil dump.
Imbil dump. Renee Albrecht


Bambi Gosbell: Yep, there's plenty of forestry in the area to hide it too. Poor form Council.


Alison Falcone: You either have tip fees or fees on your rates. Shire you can't have both. If the shire is having a problem making it viable then I would suggest the shire employ a person who is capable of filling their job position. Please remember you are already one of the most expensive councils in Aussie as is and for very little if any return.


Leesa Tomlinson: 44 gallon drum in backyard back to the old days.


Victoria Colina Pocock: I would have thought this should have been covered in my $3000 a year rates!


Dianna Day-Stevens: I recently was at Vinnies and noticed a load of items in a disgusting state for example a mattress... People don't want to pay $20 so now are dropping unfit items at Op Shops... All because of high fees at the tip... Of course then the Op Shops can't sell them then they have to dump it.


Ron Hall: This p****s me off. I live 300 metres from a pickup point. I have no choice but use the dump. This is just a blatant rip-off to rural people.


Tony Baker: In Broken Hill there were no Tip fees. If there was, people would just dump their rubbish on the street.


Julie Munro-Gilliland: We pay enough in our rates. Stop money grabbing and let people dispose of rubbish or you will get huge dump piles everywhere.


Elizabeth Berry: So people will just dump there rubbish down dirt roads out of town. Oh that's right there was a fridge and TV dumped down our road a few months ago.


Shannon Dean: Maybe it's time to introduce green/garden waste bins like NSW? We are renting and have to remove the lawn clippings and I'm not paying nearly $6 to do that!

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