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UPDATE: Gympie region hit by quake

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UPDATE: GYMPIE residents who felt an earth quake just over 15 minutes ago, joined many South East Queenslanders who felt the ground moving from Hervey Bay to the Gold Coast.

The move was felt right across the region with a Monkland resident reporting the glasses shaking in her cabinet, while a resident at Curra had her dogs going wild outside during the incident.

A woman at Widgee said her computer desk and the wall behind it shook considerably, along with the whole house.

The quake a magnitude 5.7 was at a depth of 10km, 126km north east of Rainbow Beach at 9.41am

It is the largest quake in our region for more than a century.

The last big quake was in 1901.

Many said the quake lasted anywhere from 10 seconds up to two minutes.


Sharon Ward - Yep sure did, Barter Street Gympie, whole office was shaking!

Anna Tennant - Yes!!!!!!! It may have only been for a few seconds but it was enough to scare the daylights out of me!

Aaron Fincher Did out at the Palms, and friends on Gold Coast also reported. Radio said it was a 5.2 35km off the Fraser Coast.

Emily Gould Yep here on Southside. Kids were wondering why the house was shaking. Parents felt it at Cooloola Cove too.

Jessie Leigh Yep all the pots and pans shook and rattled, thought I was going nuts

Bambette Kerr Hit? Rumbled for 20 seconds. Stronger than the one a few months ago.

Jacqueline Vearing ahhh i thought it was my mums wheelchair rattling over the floorboards ..but she was in bed at the time

Alicia MacGregor I didn't feel anything and I live in town at Jane st Gympie.

Katie James Nothing at my property in Amamoor

Tanya Edwards Yes, I'm near Groundwater Rd Carolyn Hill Thew No, didn't feel a thing! (McIntosh Creek)

Helen Stockheim Nothing felt in Carrington Ave

Jane Potter Yes dog went funny then the house shook at widgee crossing

Sally Jayne Barnes The whole house was shaking and even heard the noise

Bev Wilson Sure did shook me of the chair was very scary even ran out side

J-lee Hartz I live near nestle and yep felt it for sure...

Jessica Lanyon My house shook and I live in cooloola cove! ily

Cavanagh Shanjan Kennels Yeah the windows were shaking and rattling out here at kandanga. Very strange.

Kym Wimberley Yes felt it at work. Work on top floor three story building, building was shaking, very weird feeling for about 30 seconds.

Codie Hughes Yeah felt it at one mile, house shock about!!!

Dianna Podetti Yes house shook at wolvi

Bubbah Jones Yeah whole house shook and turned the stereo on. Scariest thing? Mount pleasant.

Caroline Clark Yep felt it at Amamoor!!! Janine Mitchell Felt it at Mothar mountain..

Donna Melidonis Yep our screen door rattled like crazy ... thought it was my washing machine doing it.

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