Gympie region coronavirus victim under attack from haters

Letter to the Editor

I AM most disappointed to hear from our neighbours in Tin Can Bay, who are unfortunate enough to be in quarantine due to the father testing positive to the coronavirus, that they are being victimised on Facebook and by phone.

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Apparently they are most unpleasant posts, claiming the family has been seen out and about in public - I haven’t seen these posts as I don’t believe in Facebook.

COVID-19 GYMPIE: 4 new cases take our health district total to 56

This is simply not true, as we live next door and feel most safe as the father went straight to the hospital and was tested.

Tin Can Bay
Tin Can Bay

This takes a couple of days to come through, and when it was confirmed he was positive, he was put into hospital, then after a few days was sent home to be in isolation, even from his family.

He has stayed in his bedroom with an ensuite, with food being left outside his door.

The family did go into the hospital to pick him up and will now be in isolation again for the time allocated by the government, which will be longer than the father, as when his test comes back negative, he will be allowed back to work as he will be immune.

The pressure is not only on the father, but his wife also received abusive phone calls practically straight away for letting the children go to school for one day.

This was before there was any sign of the problem.

Generic pic warning of coronavirus
Generic pic warning of coronavirus

The government appoints a counsellor to check on the family which is great to hear. What kind of people are the Facebook lot when they don’t realise it could have been them. How would they feel?

I am more afraid of going the supermarket and seeing people with face masks and gloves who are coughing, which has just happened to me in our local supermarket. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, but I made sure I didn’t get close. Look after yourselves and be kind.

Tin Can Bay resident who asked to remain anonymous for the sake of the victim

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