Gympie reclaim rally
Gympie reclaim rally

Gympie reclaim rally not about racism

AS interim leader and founder of Secure Australia Party, our QLD female state President arranged the Gympie reclaim rally, a social gathering that was very pleasant and injected the local economy from the influx.

Polls in the Gympie Times asking if the rally was racist were at a 75% no.

The answer is, there was no racism at the rally nor is islam a race, it is a cult from many various races/countries.

Their setting up of a new empire, their own zakat tax, sharia law, banks, superanuation, muslim-only schools, muslim-only mosques, their own Australian constitution, halal certification upon consumers and companies, domination of meat industries from the farm upwards, and much more, all adding up to a new empire and governance conflicting with ours and set for a coup on our government down the track.

I studied this many years so I know what I am talking about.

The Gympie reclaim rally was a peaceful gathering of mutual locals, it kind of looked silly a poll that questions local people as being possibly racist as that just adds fuel to the fire on why muslism is worrying many people per their democratic right to be concerned.

I think the local rally was an outstanding event for someone whom has never done anything like this before and took the time to understand the issues involved, moreso as there was word around that several mosque applications have been touted in the gympie region, not that I can see a geographic reason for such.

The police were great, but council tried to deter the rally but seemed ok in the end. I am proud of the democratic locals concerned enough to attend the event about an issue dividing Australia factually, as even police stations are hiring private security to deter Muslim terror attacks, therefore the threats are real, but of more concern is the fast formation of power and empire elements.

They have gained control of Norway and almost a few other countries, so we are not immune as the processes have started here.

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