Gympie rapist to face court again

A GYMPIE rapist will face court again this month, charged with having breached his dangerous prisoner supervision order.

Nigel Patrick Robinson was convicted of attacking two women and a nine-year-old girl over six months in 1997.

He was held on indefinite detention after being sentenced to nine years imprisonment, but was released into the community under 38 very strict conditions, including being monitored using electronic devices.

They also required he be closely monitored by Corrective Services and he was banned from joining, visiting or affiliating with any clubs or schools or having any contact with children under 16.

Robinson was convicted of attacking two women and a girl when he was just 18, in an attempt to act out violent sexual fantasies.

He attacked a woman, 19, raping her at knifepoint after stalking her from a shopping centre, attempted to rape another woman, 27, and then indecently assaulted a nine-year-old girl in a school yard.

Robinson had a history of watching violent porn which it was said sparked fantasies about coercion, sadism and rape.

A trial will examine his alleged breach on May 15 in Brisbane and will hear evidence from three witnesses.


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