The regions most influential people.
The regions most influential people.

Gympie list of 30 most influential is racist, sexist: letter


I AM a concerned citizen and youth of Gympie.

I am extremely disappointed in your choice of the 30 people elected in this year's edition of the most influential people.

It also saddens me that in this day and age, Gympie is still stuck in this racist rut. I couldn't help but notice that no people of colour were chosen to be on the list.

POWER 30: Who's new on the list this year

It concerns me that a person in this community dedicated her time and energy into creating a safe place for youth to express themselves and be empowered wasn't properly acknowledged for her hard work and dedication. I find it personally incredibly saddening that a beautiful woman such as Abby Wake has worked every day, hard and isn't acknowledged.

POWER 30: Our most influential person's vision for the future

She has helped me battle through personal wars. She is a true saint, a true influencer. She has influenced me and so many other youth.

The youth is the future of Gympie and this world. She makes a real difference. She is a real influencer. I'm not saying that most of the people on the list don't deserve to be acknowledged.

It's just a pitty that a woman that actually influences me and people that I know hasn't been acknowledged properly. I also couldn't help but notice that not only were a lot of the "influencers" rich, only a third of the list consisted women.

This concerns me as a girl that Gympie is so old fashioned and incredibly sexist. I also couldn't help but notice that only 3 of the people on the list work with youth. THE FUTURE. Gympie's future. I can tell you right now that I have never heard of most of these so called "influencers" and I've lived in Gympie for a large majority of my life.

A real influencer puts themselves out there to show people what they can do and how they can help, and influence people. May I suggest that you have a double take on your so called "top 30 most influential people" and see that you have made a large mistake.

Abby wake is truely deserving to be on this list. Because as I've previously stated above, she is a real influencer that has not only influenced me but many different people, ranging from youth to elders. I hope Gympie will eventually move on and stop being a sexist and racist community in the future, the youth will make this change, the youth that have been influenced by Abby Wake. 

Thank you,



Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien again topped the list of Gympie region's 30 most influential this year.
Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien again topped the list of Gympie region's 30 most influential this year. Contributed

CLICK HERE: Power 30 the full list for 2018


AS I read through a very deserving bunch of influencers I could not help but notice that there was some one very deserving missing from the list.

That person .. Abby Wake.

How is it that a woman who dedicates her time towards empowering our local youth through her Awake studio not deserving of a place?

I have personally seen the work she does with youth as I have seen a complete turn around in my own daughter.

Abby is well known in the community and is deserving to be recognised for all her hard work.

I suggest next time you take a better look into the community at what people do for our community as influencers not just people who make money.



Editor's Note: The Power 30 is a subjective list that is finalised and ranked each year by an independent committee of four, comprised of community and business leaders, two women, two men. The Gympie Times' acknowledges that it is not an exact science and welcomes feedback. We also asked for suggestions of those who should be on the list prior to compiling a "master list” (which included Abby plus about 60 other names this year) which was then used by the committee to decide the final 30. Following publication of that Power 30 (in Saturday's paper and online), we are in the process of compiling a People's Choice list, in which Abby has been voted Number 1. We congratulate her, and everybody who made this year's Power 30 list and the People's Choice list.

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