Gympie Hospital staff keep quiet

JUST because there haven't been any complaints from Gympie health workers this pay cycle, doesn't mean there weren't any problems, Queensland Nurses Union Gympie organiser Wayne Graham said yesterday.

Mr Graham said unless Gympie Hospital was unique to the rest of Queensland there would have been problems with their wages again this week.

This would be the fifth pay cycle that Queensland Health employees have had their pays bungled.

A recent rally held at the Gympie Hospital was successful for the nurses, in that they were able to vent and show their anger at the situation, but Mr Graham said it hadn't helped to fix the problem.

“I think it's got to the stage if things are missing, unless it's a substantial amount, (they aren't going to say anything) they're over the whole thing,” he said.

Queensland Public Sector Union Gympie representative Ron Fossen said he hadn't heard any complaints yesterday and said that was probably due to Queensland Health physically paying its staff.

Member for Gympie David Gibson said he was still incredibly concerned about staff at the hospital and would be following up with staff who had previously contacted him.

But there had been no new cases of staff being under or not paid at all that he knew of.

“Today the government used the euphemism ‘moved on' which is Labor's way of saying sacked, when in reality it wasn't one public servants fault,” Mr Gibson said.

Rumours the department's payroll services director Janette Jones had been ‘moved on' were not confirmed by Premier Anna Bligh.

“To make one person the scape goat of the failure of this government's implementation of their system is wrong. If you want to blame one person, under the tradition of ministerial responsibility, that person should be the health minister. If you want to ‘move on' one person, that person should be the health minister.”

Mr Gibson said the minister refused to take responsibility and step down.

On Wednesday he said if a “private hospital” had failed to pay there would be all hell to pay.

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