Cycad. Renee Albrecht

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AS the seasons change from summer to autumn, your garden's needs will also change. The good people at Gold City Brick and Landscaping have the following tips for plants that not only survive but thrive with the change of seasons.


Cycads are a hardy ever-green plant which, once quite abundant are less so today. Extremely long lived, there are some specimens thought to be nearly 1000 years old and there have been fossilised specimens of the cycad family found alongside dinosaur bones.

They are extremely slow growing and plants can vary in size from only a few centimetres to several meters tall. Because of their superficial resemblance, they are sometimes mistaken for palms or ferns, but they are more closely related to pines.

They prefer sandy or rocky soils and are extremely low maintenance, simply requiring good drainage, fertiliser once every four months and a location in full sun.


Grevillea Olivacea Apricot Glow.
Grevillea Olivacea Apricot Glow. Renee Albrecht


Known as the Olive Grevillea, this is an evergreen fast growing dense shrub which can grow to 2m. Drought tolerant, this is an excellent screening or hedging plant. Perfect for coastal or limestone area planting, it produces masses of beautiful apricot pink flowers during winter and spring.


Grevillea Red Sunset.
Grevillea Red Sunset. Renee Albrecht


A very useful low and naturally dense and rounded growing small shrub growing to a metre high and two metres wide. It has red to orange spider type flowers which are very attractive to nectar eating birds and insects, produced in profusion in winter and spring. It suits a wide range of climates from sub tropical to cool temperate, and is also moderately frost tolerant. Prune every now and then to increase the compactness of this plant.


Murraya paniculata.
Murraya paniculata. Renee Albrecht


Otherwise known as a dwarf Mock Orange this tall-growing mock orange has beautifully scented white flowers in spring-summer, glossy dark evergreen leaves, and tight compact habit in growth. It has the most gorgeous fragrance on warm days.


Syzgium australe.
Syzgium australe. Renee Albrecht


Known as Resilience Lilly Pilly the red young growth gives year round colour which is enhanced in spring and summer by white flowers and red berries. The flowers and berries also attract birds to your garden.


Melalucea. Renee Albrecht


Most commonly known as the honey myrtle, this is a dense compact shrub with small leaves and attractive claret coloured new growth. It makes a great foliage plant that has the form of a conifer, with masses of small white flowers in spring as well. Great for creating colour contrasts with other plants and in massed plantings, it can be pruned to shape for formal or informal hedging and screening and for topiary and bonsai work.Best in well drained soil with good organic content.

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