Gympie flood inundation heights

FOLLOWING is a list of Mary River heights when water goes across bridge decks and enters buildings in Gympie:

Business Impacted Address Floor Height
Gympie Central Service Centre Jaycee Way 14.79m
Southern Cross Detailing  Jaycee Way 14.79m
Telstra Shop CENTRO OPEN -5 River Road 15.19m
PC Place 13 River Road 15.19m
Madills Rent A Car 35 Monkland Street 15.19m
Cooloola Panel & Paint 35 Monkland Street 15.19m
Parklane Garden Centre 26 Monkland Street 15.30m
A1 Exhausts Gympie 15 Brisbane Road 15.60m
Bridgestone Tyre Centre 30 Monkland Street 15.92m
The Wild Harvest Company 3 Reef Street 16.00m
Gympie Cats AFL Club Bruce Highway 16.00m
Adell's Snips of Style Reef Street 16.00 m
Hi Tech Electrical Automation Unit 4-5 No12 Brisbane Road 16.00m
Campbells Landscaping 53 Violet St/Bruce Hwy 16.00m
Noel Atkinson Smash Repairs 2 Barter Street 16.51m
Brisbane Electrical 70 Crescent Road 16.80m
Advance Tyres 17 Brisbane Road 16.80m
RSPCA Bargain Barn 18 Monkland Street 16.51m
Gympie Oil, Gas & Battery 19 Brisbane Road 16.90m
Gold Star Diesel 22 Brisbane Road 17.00m
KD MOTO Shed 3/46 Violet St/Bruce Hwy 17.00m
Chris's New & Used 4/46 Violet St/Bruce Hwy 17.00m
Gympie Roofing & Tanks 1/46 Violet St/Bruce Hwy 17.00m
Sprott's Stainless Steel 8 Barter Street 17.50m
Harcourts 163-165 Mary Street 17.94m
N Priddy Gents Hairdresser Condies Arcade, Mary Street 17.94m
Meen Bags Condies Arcade, Mary Street 17.94m
Sunrise Beauty James Nash Arcade, Mary Street 17.95m
CHIC James Nash Arcade, Mary Street 17.95m
Talking Heads James Nash Arcade, Mary Street 17.95m
Gympie Sari-Sari Asian Mini Mart James Nash Arcade, Mary Street 17.95m
Dorado Clothing James Nash Arcade, Mary Street 17.95m
Pearlisque Nails James Nash Arcade, Mary Street 17.95m
Nutrition 3-2-1 James Nash Arcade, Mary Street 17.95m
Woodrows Handcrafts 180 Mary Street 17.96m
Concrete Options 24 Brisbane Road 18.00m
Gympie Automatics 1 Monkland Street 18.00m
Gympie Army Disposals 64 Crescent Road 18.00m
Steeline Roofin Spot 54 Crescent Road 18.00m
Gympie Swimming Pool 41 River Road 18.00m
Pedal Power Plus 181 Mary Street 18.10m
Poolscene 50 Monkland Street 18.12m
Wayne's World Discount Variety Store 182 Mary Street 18.12m
Dick Smith Electronics 177 Mary Street 18.12m
Lady Bird 160 Mary Street 18.18m
Tom Grady Real Estate 155 Mary Street 18.30m
Royal Hotel 190 Mary Street 18.34m
Mama & Papa's Pizzeria 185 Mary Street 18.48m
Gold City Steering & Suspension 4 Clematis Street 18.50m
Katies 154 Mary Street 18.55m
Outdoor Power Centre 25 Brisbane Road 18.70m
Sunshine on Mary 150 Mary Street 18.77m
Unearthed Streetwear 152 Mary Street 18.77m
Gympie Toyworld 151 Mary Street 18.80m
The Friendlies Independent Living 145 Mary Street 18.80m
All Cycles & Karts 6 Barter Street 18.87m
G&K Footwear 143 Mary Street 18.89m
Batik Boutique 146 Mary Street 18.94m
Karinya Florist 140 Mary Street 18.98m
Curves 142 Mary Street 18.98m
Gold City Landrover Repairs 48 Violet St/Bruce Hwy 19.00m
Victory Care Service Barter Street 19.00m
Cooloola Carpert Centre 64 Crescent Road 19.00m
Gympie Garage Doors 64 Crescent Road 19.00m
Paul King Auto Repairs 7 Alfred Street 19.10m
MiCakes 137 Mary Street 19.23m
Goodyear Jewellers 139 Mary Street 19.03m
Endeavour Shop 138 Mary Street 19.03m
Crazy Clarks 136 Mary Street 19.03m
Brisbane Road Electrics 21 Brisbane Road 19.10m
All Weather Homes Cnr Bruce Hwy/Monkland Street 19.30m
Muster Office 193 Mary Street 19.44m
The Importer Online 68 Crescent Road 19.50m
Gympie Veterinary Services 2 Little Channon Street 19.60m
Goldburgs Menswear 133 Mary Street 19.64m
Professionals Gympie 192 Mary Street 19.64m
Elleganz Hair Studio 187 Mary Street 19.85m
Bank Of Queensland 126 Mary Street 19.89m
Horgan & Petty 125 Mary Street 19.96m
Dixon Dental 208 Mary Street 20.00m
Cartridge World 206 Mary Street 20.03m
TesOro Designer Jewellery 120 Mary Street 20.09m
Kerri's Rainbow Dream 124a Mary Street 20.09m
Lotus Emporium 124b Mary Street 20.12m
Pazzazz Fabrics & Haberdashery 122 Mary Street 20.35m
Long's Crescent Road One Stop Shop  68 Crescent Road 20.45m
Gympie Ten Pin  10 Potters Road 20.50m
Empire Hotel 196 Mary Street 20.80m
Bridgeport Tyres 50 Violet St/Bruce Hwy 21.00m
Cullinanes Plaza tenants Cullinanes Plaza, Mary Street 21.19m
Gympie Bearing Supplies 5 Monkland Street 21.50m
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