PRIVACY INVADED: The Andrews Family of Forage Farms.
PRIVACY INVADED: The Andrews Family of Forage Farms.

Gympie farmer calls out activists over 'unfair' shame map

A GYMPIE region farmer has criticised a controversial map published by animal rights group Aussie Farms as an "unfair, broad brush approach” which could make residents a target for protesters.

Forage Farms owner Stuart Andrews, who runs his "pastured free range” project with his family at Kybong, said Aussie Farms had "not put a lot of thought” into the map, which went live earlier this week.


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"There is no pleasing some people because they do not believe we should be using animals for any purpose, so in their minds what we're doing is wrong,” Mr Andrews said.

"They've created this map to list industrial-sized farms, but what they're actually doing is listing smaller farms, people farms and hobby farms.

"We have 6000 chickens on our property, not 100,000. There is no distinction between smaller farms and industrial farms on the map.”

Mr Andrews said the threat of animal activists entering his property was "always a concern” but now exacerbated by the map.

"We're just off the highway, so it wouldn't be hard for people to find our property if they wanted to,” he said.

"It's our private details, we live there. I know it's happened elsewhere in the past and I don't know what we do about it.

"We try to do the best we can, which means high labour and hard work, to make sure our animals are better cared for and always looked after on our farm.”

Since the map went live earlier this week, the Queensland Farmers' Federation and industry members have called on the State Government to increase punishments for activists trespassing on farmers' properties.

Agriculture Minister Mark Furner said he was "disappointed” to see "a so-called charity” attack farmers.

"Our farmers are struggling through a sixth consecutive year of drought and they need to be supported, not harassed by extremists who would shut down all agriculture,” Mr Furner said.

"Farmers are a vital part of the Queensland economy and I stand by them. They put a lot of work in to proper care for their animals and they don't deserve to be tagged with this kind of smear.”

Aussie Farms has described the map as a "comprehensive, interactive map of factory farms, slaughterhouses and other animal exploitation facilities across Australia”.

A previous statement from the charity said the map was about "laying everything bare, so that consumers can make their own informed choices about what they wish to support with their purchases”.

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