A Telstra mobile phone tower.
A Telstra mobile phone tower. Chris Ison ROK141117ctower1

Gympie customer: Telstra service disgraceful, unAustralian

Letters to the Editor

Slack Telstra service

AS A result of an electrical storm on the evening of Saturday, January 13, our home landline went dead.

Telstra advised it would be fixed by 7pm on Friday, January 19, but no such luck.

Now more than a week later and despite two long conversations with call centre staff on the other side of the world, nothing has changed.

So far this experience is a repeat from January 2016.

It seems in 2018 Telstra thinks this is good customer service.

With the Australia

Day long weekend fast approaching this is not

only disgraceful but unAustralian.

I. Moore,


Action needed on electricity

CURRENT situation:

Electricity costs for irrigators have risen 130 per cent over nine years.

Poorly structured tariffs are crippling the competitiveness of Queensland's irrigated agriculture.

Ergon's suite of network tariffs does not reflect the low cost of supplying electricity to irrigators.

Energy market reform is too slow, inflicting further cost pressures on cane growers and families.

Actions required:

Reduce electricity prices by 33 per cent by taking actions such as writing down Ergon's regulated asset base by half.

Introduce a suite of tariffs for food and fibre production.

Establish an Agricultural Energy Council, involving all agricultural industry stakeholders in Queensland to advise State Cabinet.

Agriculture is often identified as one of the pillars of our economy and is critical food and fibre for all Queenslanders, plus a significant pool of valuable exports across the world. Without urgent and practical action on electricity prices, we risk turning this pillar of our economy into a stump.

Kerry Latter,

CEO Canegrowers

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