Council tallies costs of floods

The car park at Attie Sullivan Park was resurfaced two weeks before the Australia Day weekend floods. This is what it looks like now.
The car park at Attie Sullivan Park was resurfaced two weeks before the Australia Day weekend floods. This is what it looks like now. Renee Pilcher


GYMPIE Regional Council was still intensively assessing the flood damage to roads, bridges and causeways throughout the region yesterday.

With about 40% of the road network formally inspected, the worst damage appears to have occurred in parts of the Mary Valley and the western reaches of the region.

A council spokesman said yesterday the biggest problem was large portions of lost pavement on unsealed roads. Inspections also revealed pavement failures on the sealed network.

Mayor Ron Dyne has been crisscrossing the region for the past week, getting his own assessment of the destruction and the cost of the recovery, which is expected to be at least $50 million here.

Many roads, and community infrastructure at Kilkivan, and Woolooga especially, had only recently been rebuilt after being damaged in the 2011-2012 flooding.

The roads with major damage from the Australia Day weekend floods include the Bella Creek Rd, Scrubby Creek Rd and Reinke Rd underslips and a culvert on Noosa Rd.

There is also major damage to the approach to Nall Bridge on Wilsons Pocket Rd and to the approaches to the bridge on Smith Rd and the Imbil town bridge.

The car park at Attie Sullivan Park, which was re-surfaced two weeks before the floods, has received major damage, and there has been extensive seal pavement loss on Amamoor Creek Rd.

The floodway on McKewen Rd is badly damaged, as is the Pike Rd floodway and Dray Rd floodway.

Multiple structures have been severely damaged on Kinbombi Rd, Upper Thornside Rd and Rossmore Rd, and major overslips and damage to multiple structures has hit Mudlo Rd.


Other roads to be repaired

  • Holroyd Rd: damaged pavement and structures
  • Daddamarine Rd: damaged pavement and structures
  • Old Murgon Gayndah Rd: damaged pavement and structure
  • Goomeri West Rd: damaged structure
  • Oakey Creek Rd: damaged structure
  • Margoo Rd: damaged structure

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