Gympie Council Stupidity

Sometimes you see some strange things but generally not worthy to note, but on the odd occasion you do see or in this case experience something stupid and dangerous enough to make comment on.

Leaving home from Chatsworth to get some fuel from the matilda service station so we did not have to enter flooded main Gympie areas, we passed three council workers stopping traffic on the main highway at Ramutt road that were trying to enter town, with only one sign facing towards the traffic trying to enter Gympie (road closed), several witches hats and one person with a stop and slow sign. Upon refuelling and getting back to this traffic point we were refused entrance back to home and told no one is permitted entry into town with home being only a few streets away where my 13year old daughter was by herself, funny how a 15min drive can take up to an hour.

At this stage we had to find a back road to re-enter Gympie and get home, how is this dangerous you may ask?


3 council workers getting close to dusk with no warning or flashing lights to denote their presence, no advance warning or signage in either direction of their presence, no council notification or announcement of intentions to close a non affected road, no detour signage on display or directions in order to get back into Gympie - for non familiar locals or people trapped on the road this can become a serious challenge when faced with traversing back roads of inferior condition with no advisement of an alternative route or the conditions of the roads - spells a recipe for getting people hurt.

Upon getting back home one hour later to a concerned daughter I called the police who had received multiple calls regarding the same indiscretion, the police informed me that they were not made aware of the proposed activity and were not impressed with people being subjected to further hazards during an already trying time, a police vehicle was sent to move the council workers on or at least change the restrictions these three were imposing on people. (I took the back roads home to get back to my daughter, lucky for me I knew where to go, maybe not so for all the others).

Wake up council, what's the point you were trying to make? Put more people in harm's way? To isolate non locals from gaining assistance or to force people to travel on none reported or assessed roads? (Providing they could find their way through!)

Not often you see such a total misallocation of manpower and resources, the police have more important things to do than correcting council blunders, shouldn't the manpower and resources be going to helping those that have been flood affected? A big note of praise for the Gympie police who identified the danger in this activity and attended to the situation, which never should have occurred. Think about it council, it's not all that hard to see how wrong this is.

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