CUP OF CONFIDENCE: Mother's milk to us news hounds!
CUP OF CONFIDENCE: Mother's milk to us news hounds! Contributed

Gympie coffee addicts, have we got news for you!

AH, COFFEE, the lifeblood of any good journo!

The Gympie Times is giving all you fellow caffeine addicts the chance to fuel your habit every Tuesday, starting tomorrow.

Each week we will feature one local cafe, demonstrating how they're different to other local cafes, what their specialities are and all about their signature blends.

We will find out from baristas and blenders what the secret is to a great cup of Joe, and what exactly a macchino, affogotta and piccolo is.

You will be chartered through the perilous waters of cappucinos, lattes and mocha grandes and will emerge on the other side confident in a choice of blend which will delight your taste-buds and stimulate your senses.

That's not even the best part!

We are also going to feature coupons and coffee special offers, so get your scissors ready for your chance to share in some terrific deals.

Hold on to your low-fat-double-espresso-mocha-latte and don't forget to grab your copy of The Gympie Times every Tuesday for the next number of weeks.

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