More scooter riders in uni survey

IN response to the increased popularity of mopeds and scooters, Queensland University of Technology road safety researchers are seeking regular Queensland riders to take part in a new online survey of riding patterns and crash and injury risks.

Ross Blackman, from QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q), said there was limited information about moped and scooter use on Queensland roads, with most research tending to focus on motorcycles.

“But what we do know is that about one third of riders in Brisbane’s CBD use a moped or scooter as opposed to a motorcycle,” Mr Blackman said.

“This group of riders makes up a significant population of people on our roads.”

The Australian Scooter Federation found that sales of scooters increased by 44 per cent across the nation in 2004-05.

Mr Blackman said a moped was a motor scooter up to 50cc, was generally limited to about 50km/h and may be legally ridden with a car licence in Queensland.

“A scooter over 50cc on the other hand requires a motorcycle licence but, like a moped, it has a step-through chassis design and is nearly always automatic,” he said.

“It’s typically smaller than a motorcycle but you do need a motorcycle licence to ride.”

Mr Blackman said while there had been significant research undertaken in relation to motorcycles, little was known about the crash risks and extent of injuries specifically linked to moped and scooter riders.

“What we want to know is who is riding, how and why they ride, what their travel patterns are and what risks they encounter on our roads?” he said.

Mr Blackman said this information would provide researchers with a better understanding of scooter and moped use in Queensland, and contribute to improved rider safety.

The Queensland Scooter and Moped Rider Survey 2010 is available at

Riders who complete the survey could win a Dri-rider climate control pro jacket valued at $350.

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