Group blasts tax subsidies for 'chemical abortions'

AN anti-abortion group has blasted the federal government for subsidising 'chemical abortions' by putting the drug RU486 on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Right to Life Australia is urging its supporters to write to their MPs, the editors of newspapers and phone in to talkback radio to make abortion an election issue.

"Did you know that your taxes are used to fund abortions through Medicare?,'' a post on its website on Monday says.

"Did you know that the Gillard Government recently placed the abortion drug RU486 on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule? 

"Now chemical abortions will be available cheaply- at $12 -again subsidised by your taxes.

"Abortion in Australia can be done at all stages for any reason.

"In Victoria and the ACT there are no restrictions on abortion. 

"Tasmania is also pursuing a policy of no restrictions on abortion.''

The post goes on to list the email addresses of major newspapers and phone numbers of radio stations.

Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek announced on Sunday that mifepristone and misoprostol - used in combination to terminate a pregnancy of up to seven weeks gestation - would be added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

''By offering this different option at a very difficult time in a woman's life, I hope that we are giving more choice in what are often extraordinary difficult circumstances,'' Ms Plibersek said.

Cancer treatments and an anti-stroke medication were also named as newcomers to the PBS.

Right to Life senior executive officer Dr Katrina Haller said RU486 drug had claimed one woman's life in Australia already.

"The application by the Marie Stopes International Abortion Industry for Australians to subsidise the abortion drug RU486  furthers the culture of death in Australia"

"RU 486 is responsible for the deaths of at least eight women in the United States," she said. 

"It is not safe for women and is always fatal to the unborn child. RU486 is a human pesticide,"  she said.

"Many Australians are conscientiously opposed to abortion because it kills unborn children and harms many women, so why should they be forced to fund a death drug, via their taxes?" she asked.

  "Putting the abortion drug on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme makes is cheaper to kill unborn children, and promotes the culture of death," she said.

  "Most abortions are done for convenience, or so called "psychosocial" reasons.  What a sad society we are, when we cause the death of an innocent, weak, helpless individual to solve a mere social problem," she continued.

There are about 100,000 abortions in Australia every year.

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