Adrian Grenier
Adrian Grenier

Grenier says Entourage is in his blood

ADRIAN Grenier's 'Entourage' alter-ego has "changed his DNA" in real-life.

The 35-year-old star - who plays actor Vincent Chase in the HBO show - explained there will always be "a little Vince" in him because he shares so many personality traits with the character.

He said: "Vince has changed my DNA. I think there's always going to be a little Vince with me at all times. 'Entourage' really has and will continue to define an era.

"We're both very generous and loving. Family and friendship is very important. I try to be humble and selfless like him. We're also alike in that we both have great hair!"

With the show drawing to a close this Sunday (24.07.11) after eight seasons on HBO, Adrian admitted the last day of filming on set felt like "the last day of school".

He added to "It was very touching. Everyone was so sweet. It actually felt like the last day of school. It was hard to keep people focused. It was funny because the grown men on set were acting like children.

"Poor David Nutter, the director, was trying to get everyone's attention and get people to finish a scene, but when the end of school is near, it's hard to really get people to do anything."

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