Greeting a disease free future

AS FAR as Gympie couple Ross and Daphne Davies are concerned, it is well and truly time to kiss goodbye to multiple sclerosis and kiss hello to a future where the disease is a thing of the past.

Thanks to the phenomenal success of Gympie’s MS Black and White Dinner, a fundraiser initiated by Mr and Mrs Davies, the couple was able to hand over a $60,630 cheque to MS Research Australia’s executive Jeremy Wright.

The amount of money raised by what is a relatively small regional city is unprecedented, Mr Wright says.

“To raise $60,000 is nothing less than outstanding. It compares with events in big cities.”

When the Davies’ son Stephen was diagnosed with MS, Ross and Daphne threw themselves into helping to find a cure for the disease which most commonly affects young adults.

Right now MS is the most common neurological condition affecting young Australians and there is no known cause or cure.

The money raised by the Gympie community will go directly to an ongoing research project with a report due at the end of 2012.

“These funds mean a huge amount to people with MS not just around Australia, but around the world,” Mr Wright said. “We are working on finding the cause, because if we can find the cause then we can find a cure.”

The Gympie community supported the cause magnificently, Mr Davies said, and thanked the organising committee of Cheryl Polley from Harvey World Travel, Kerren Smith from J Smith and Son, Andrew Smith from The Gympie Times, councillor Graham Engeman and Darryl Hooper from Hoopers Sound.

“We are very proud of our town,” Mr Davies said.

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