MORE SUPPORT NEEDED, NOT LESS: Jules Delgado manager of Gympie Meals on Wheels.
MORE SUPPORT NEEDED, NOT LESS: Jules Delgado manager of Gympie Meals on Wheels. Renee Albrecht

Govt ignores good work of Meals on Wheels



WITH regard to the articles in last Thursday's edition we most certainly sympathise with Gympie Meals on Wheels position over future support from the government be it at federal or state level.

From our side, however, we are in a somewhat different situation as we have received no funding from either source for the last few years.

Admittedly this was by choice, driven by the huge burden of administrative work required to meet the various reporting and other regulations under the government programs.

Being one of the smallest Meals on Wheels services we could not afford the luxury of taking on a paid employee to handle the tasks and there is only so much one can ask of volunteers.

With our customer base of under 30 eligible people in the Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove areas it has been quite an exercise to keep our meal prices at an acceptable level.

The associated costs over and above the prices of the basic food ingredients can only be spread over that small number as against the larger customer base of the bigger services.

Indeed for several years we have been heavily subsidising the price to our clients by some $3 per meal, utilising monies accrued from the efforts of our previous support group.

We should also add that we have been most grateful for the discounts afforded us by the local butcher and fruit and vegetable shops.

It really is time that the Government recognises how much Meals on Wheels services save them from the significant expense involved in providing hospital or other forms of accommodation for the elderly in our communities.

Perhaps if they took a good inward look at the costs they have incurred in changing the responsibility for aged care between ministries over the last few years they might just possibly recognise the good that could have been achieved had they used a fair proportion of that money to support voluntary services such as ours.

Mike Clifford,

President, Tin Can Bay Meals on Wheels.

Abuse of visiting female tennis players

TO THE local teenage boys in your 4WD who drove passed the tennis tournament in Gympie across this weekend.

Why did you feel empowered to shout out "c***” to the female players at this event?

You did it multiple times on Saturday and Sunday.

I hope you continued to the nearest football field and shouted "small d****” to the male players so at least your crudeness was not sexist or misogynist.

Tennis parents and female players who were aghast at each pass by this 4WD are now questioning how welcome they are in Gympie and whether they should bring their talented children (some ranked as low as 26 nationally) and the economic benefits to such a crude town.

So sad. If you lose your job because of economic downturns in a Gympie due to less visitors and events you can now know why?

Joel Neilse,


Gympie Times

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