LETTER TO EDITOR: Truss trumps Bishop

WARREN Truss as Deputy PM has trumped Bronwyn Bishop with outrageous spending of taxpayer dollars.

To attend a Conservative breakfast fundraiser, MrTruss claimed a staggering $21,570 in expenses, where he spoke of taking steps to ensure the Government was living within its means, and to rein in the age of entitlement.

In announcing that we all need to make a contribution, Mr Truss proposed tightening of the government belt was to happen by reducing expenditure, through cutting pensions and leaving vulnerable young people without any form of


Mr Truss scheduled this event knowing Parliament sat during budget week, then he decided to charter a flight for $21,570 to ferry him in luxurious style to the fundraiser, rather than take a commercial flight.

During this speech MrTruss told pensioners:

"Increasingly, the lifestyle and savings from superannuation are seen as an opportunity to enjoy a few cruises and the luxuries of life for a few years until it runs out and people can fall back on the age pension."

He went on to assure us it was a "responsible Budget we were elected to deliver. It is a fair Budget, because all of us will do our bit".

The Coalition eventually abandoned cutting the pension and withdrawing support for the vulnerable because of the public outrage at the unfairness of it and the absence of support from Labor and the crossbenches in the Senate.

I know many pensioners who were deeply offended by Mr Truss' comments on using their hard-earned superannuation to take a 'once in a lifetime' trip after years of scrimping and saving.

The reality is most retirees use a lot of their super to pay off the mortgage on the family home.

Mr Truss's lack of concern will just deepen the people's distrust of this arrogant government.

Lucy Stanton,

Labor Candidate for Wide Bay.

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