No to Kenilworth Ambulance

KENILWORTH is in desperate need of an ambulance station, with sick patients waiting longer than necessary for paramedics.

A petition, supported by hundreds of people including doctors, has been launched and the issue was raised in parliament this week by Member for Nicklin Peter Wellington.

But despite growing public demand, the State Government insists “the workload does not support the establishment of a full-time ambulance service” in the area even though the Kenilworth volunteer group First Responders had been attending emergencies for the past 10 years.

FRU has been providing life-saving first aid until the arrival of advanced medical care but it is becoming difficult for the group to meet demands.

Last year they attended more than 130 callouts on behalf of Queensland Ambulance Service in the Mary Valley area.

Membership is dwindling, with most trained volunteers aged over 50 and struggling with the challenges of a 24-hour on-call roster.

The group has to raise $7000 a year to cover expenses as no financial contribution is received from the government for maintenance of the two operational vehicles. Volunteers said even a single officer ambulance station in Kenilworth would help.

A QAS spokesman said many factors were considered when determining the need for a full-time ambulance service, such as demand, district health facilities, support services and sufficient workload.

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