Government drops firefighters' disease compo clause

TREASURER Curtis Pitt has confirmed volunteer firefighters in Queensland will have equitable cancer compensation.

Mr Pitt late today said he had dropped the controversial clause requiring more than 35,000 unpaid firefighters to attend 150 events before being eligible for related disease compensation.

Both parties will debate opposing Workers Compensation bill changes from the ALP and the LNP on Thursday.

Mr Pitt said paid and unpaid firefighters should have access to medical expenses, weekly benefits and statutory lump sum or common law damages if they get sick doing their duties.

"All firefighters with a claim accepted under the deemed disease provisions will be entitled to seek common law damages for their disease," he said.

"This includes volunteer firefighters and there will be no 10-year limit on making a claim and they won't have to attend 150 fire events to be eligible for compensation."


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