Goodall backs fight to save dingoes

RENOWNED British animal researcher Jane Goodall has backed the fight to save the Fraser Island dingo.

In a letter of support for Rainbow Beach dingo activist Jennifer Parkhurst, Ms Goodall said, "the current approach to dingo management on Fraser Island has created enormous suffering as a result of a government-driven management program compiled without proper research".

She told a Noosa-based Parkhurst supporter she was "deeply saddened" by the dingoes' plight.

"Conservationists, scientists and island stake holders are now concerned that these valuable pure breed dingoes are at risk."

In a parallel with Ms Parkhurst's breakthrough observations and photography of dingoes in the wild, Ms Goodall conducted her best known work, researching chimpanzees, without academic direction and with no university degree.

Also like Parkhurst, she gave her subject animals names instead of numbers and attracted criticism for observing that they appeared to have emotions.

Goodall later became only the eighth person to obtain a PhD from Cambridge University, without first obtaining a Bachelor-level degree.

"It is with deep sadness that I have heard of a cruel death of a dingo caught with a pole noose...for an experimental collaring program," Goodall wrote.

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