Good people helped fight aggressive prostate cancer

George Wakelin has nothing but praise for those who have helped him in his battle with prostate cancer.
George Wakelin has nothing but praise for those who have helped him in his battle with prostate cancer. Contributed

IN CONJUNCTION with cancer staff available to help at Nambour, Sippy Downs and Buderim, I am happy to have a story made that may be of assistance/encouragement to prostate cancer victims.

Having just finished successful treatment for aggressive prostate cancer, thanks largely to how the above staff streamlined treatment, I want to help spread the news of the good work these people do.

The brief version is that the cancer was accidentally noticed during a specialist appointment for something else, but its presence was most apparent (mid- 2016). Tests the previous year had not indicated any signs.

Much preliminary testing and preparation for radiation was achieved quickly and treatment started early November and was completed early last month (January 8).

(Too much information, but for your information of how "quickly" took months was because large doses of female hormones had to create a platform for radiation to work with, and that took three months to establish, and a fat gut. Apparently 37 daily radiation treatments was another indicator things were a bit on the urgent side).

- George Wakelin

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