VICTOR: Mathew Burden and Caloundra secured a much-needed win against Tewantin-Noosa.
VICTOR: Mathew Burden and Caloundra secured a much-needed win against Tewantin-Noosa. Patrick Woods

Gold upset Snakes as Lighthouses keep finals hopes alive

CRICKET: Gympie Gold have shown the competition the talent that claimed the premiership two seasons ago, with a dominant victory, 2/147 over 142, against competition frontrunners Caboolture as the finals approach.

On a second day of round 12 where matches were converted to one-day contests after losing play the previous week, Gympie faced the risk of being pushed out of the top four by a victorious and rising Caloundra.

The dreaded road trip to the home of the Snakes proved little peril for the Gold as the home side batted first, Bryson Mitchell bowling Matt Schubert first ball. Dan Book and Ryan Baker worked their way to 39 before Anthony Reid removed both within eight runs, and then the lanky figure of Troy Ashton made the morning his own.

In his 20th season of Coast division one, the same as the Gold where he started retiring six years ago, Troy removed Snakes' ace Glen Batticciotto, then proceeded to dispatch the middle order. Caboolture slumped from 3/65 to 8/118, and pushed to 142 with 32 from an obstinate Matt Parkinson, Ashton's last wicket in a 5/31 haul.

In 252 games for the Gold, and just six balls short of 2500 overs, Ashton reached 432 wickets at a 14.6 average. But the day wasn't over for the reminders of past glory, as Steve Brady returned from a 15-month layoff with an injured knee, stroked 83 with Dan Shepperson and Lewis Waugh in Gympie's 2/147 win.

Caloundra needed a win to stay in contention for a finals surge, and did just that, reaching 8/218 and dismissing Tewantin-Noosa for 160. Josh Winen was best with 61 in a steady accumulation of runs for the Lighthouses, and after four wickets to Jack Cockram had the Thunder top order in the shed at 4/47, Jarrod Officer and Reid Campbell dragged the side past 150.

Three consecutive wins have lifted Caloundra to seven points shy of Gympie in fourth, 15 short of third- placed Glasshouse, and the Lighthouses know that those two face up in round 14.

The Glasshouse top order made short work of Maroochydore's 8/179 to hold third spot with 4/181 in 40 overs. Rangers' keeper Brett Milini, holder of the Scorchers' record of seven dismissals in an innings, reprised his turn of the century artistry with four catches and two stumpings, then 33 opening the chase. At the other end, Hayden Owen's 66, added to recent knocks of 40 and 61, is a boost to his side at the pointy end of the season.

Returning Swans hero Shane Newton showed class is permanent with14 runs off his first six overs, then Dan Cahill took 16 off his single over second spell in a cameo 49 to end the game.


SCCA DIVISION 1 ROUND 12 10-02-2018





Kropp L. ct Milini b Heise 2

Bretherton J. ct Milini b Heise 5

Chaplin J. st Milini b Fischer 33

Oldham S. ct Cahill b Schultz 64

Schloss B. b Manuel 3

Betts D. ct Milini b Heise 7

Barry J. ct Milini b Schultz 16

Dyer L. st Milini b Fischer 21

Nelson S. not out 14

Gilder Z. not out 0

Sundries: 15

Total: 8/179

FOW: 2, 12, 66, 79, 92, 134, 147, 179.

Bowling: Heise 10-1-32-3, Manuel 10-1-30-1, Schultz 10-0-38-2,

Fischer 10-2-43-2, Baartz 10-2-34-0.

Overs: 50.


Milini B. ct Zilder b Betts 33

Owen H. run out 66

Cahill D. not out 49

Moffet L. ct Kropp b Betts 1

Armstrong B. ct Schloss b Betts 14

Schultz J. not out 13

Sundries: 5

Total: 4/181

FOW: 92, 121, 126, 145.

Bowling: Newton 7-1-30-0, Bretherton 8.5-1-37-0, Oldham 4-0-14-0,

Gilder 10-1-36-0, Betts 9-1-54-3, Nelson 2-0-9-0.

Overs: 40.5




Schubert M. b Mitchell 0

Book D. b Reid 14

Baker R. b Reid 24

Batticciotto G. ct Mitchell b Ashton 20

Schablon A. ct Waugh b Sippel 15

Coffin J. ct Reid b Ashton 3

Jenkins M. ct Cartwright b Ashton 0

Parkinson M. ct S.Brady b Ashton 32

McManus J. lbw b Mitchell 7

Flew J. ct & b Ashton 8

Murphy N. not out 0

Sundries: 19

Total: 142

FOW: 0, 39, 48, 65,75, 75, 95, 118, 142, 142.

Bowling: Mitchell 8-0-25-2, Reid 7-0-32-2, Ashton 8.4-0-31-5,

T.Brady 9-4-17-0, Sippel 5-1-17-1, Cartwright 5-0-19-0.

Overs: 42.4


Brady S. ct McManus b Schubert 83

Shepperson D. ct Parkinson b Schablon 21

Waugh L. not out 29

Brady T. not out 0

Sundries: 14

Total: 2 /147

FOW: 79, 141.

Bowling: Parkinson 7-2-22-0, Flew 4-0-22-0, Schablon 7-0-28-1,

Murphy 7-2-25-0, McManus 2-0-12-0, Jenkins 4.1-1-16-0,

Schubert 4-0-15-1. Overs: 35.1.





Aldous J. ct Kratzmann b Payton 1

Andrews T. b Beesley 18

Cummins D. ct Campbell b Beesley 7

Jones B. lbw b Thomson 18

Elmes M. ct Rewald b Dennien 32

Burton M. lbw b Payton 17

Winen J. st Campbell b Rzeszkowski 61

Glew L. ct Griffin b Thomson 38

Swart M. not out 10

Cockram J. not out 0

Sundries: 16

Total: 8/218

FOW: 3, 36, 41, 58, 95, 134, 197, 216.

Bowling: Beesley 8.5-2-23-2, Payton 8-0-30-2, Dennien 10-0-32-1,

Officer 8-0-46-1, Rzeszkowski 10-0-43-1, Thomson 5.1-0-40-2.

Overs: 50.


Dennien J. ct Burton b Cockram 22

Perry M. b Cockram 14

Griffin T. lbw b Cockram 0

Kratzmann A. ct Burton b Cockram 6

Officer J. b Burton 49

Beesley J. ct Elmes b Aldous 3

Rewald D. run out 0

Campbell R. not out 43

Rzeszkowski C. ct Andrews b Burton 0

Payton R. ct Andrews b Cummins 15

Thomson M b Winen 0

Sundries: 8

Total: 160

FOW: 27, 27, 42, 47, 73, 73, 118, 120, 147, 160.

Bowling: Burton 10-2-36-2, Harrison 6-0-41-0, Cockram 10-2-29-4,

Winen 5-1-11-1, Aldous 4-2-15-1, Jones 4-0-21-0. Overs: 41.


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