Glasshouse captain Jeremy Schultz has the chance to lead his side to a historic minor premiership. Picture: John McCutcheon
Glasshouse captain Jeremy Schultz has the chance to lead his side to a historic minor premiership. Picture: John McCutcheon

Glasshouse hunts historic cricket feat

Glasshouse has the chance for its second ever minor premiership, with a gap of 35 seasons, after a top of table victory over Maroochydore ended Round 19 of SCCA Division 1 fixtures.

The Rangers will be hoping to emulate the 1985-86 glory of the then Southern Districts team with wins over two of the lower four sides in the final rounds, but also should ponder the result at Nambour Showgrounds.

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There the unfashionable Nambour Cutters registered their first outright win over Caboolture to deflate the Snakes' top two ambitions.

Maroochydore skipper Blaine Schloss declared at the overnight 9/220, looking at a full day to get the ten wickets needed for points, while Rangers' openers Dan Cahill and Jeremy Schultz prepared for the long road.

Their opening run came in the middle of the fourth over, and the wary pair took to the end of the 18th over to pass 25.

Cahill, leading run scorer last season and contender again, was the key to the innings, and his security at one end anchored the home side hope to not lose wickets in pairs.

This was the story of the day, with no Rangers batsman falling to less than a twenty run gain.

A century to the opener seemed inevitable, but he fell at 96, trapped in front by Schloss with the Rangers on 168.

Glasshouse batsman Daniel Cahill.
Glasshouse batsman Daniel Cahill.

Then a mature Ricky Sawyer took his turn, 30 runs off a wearing 142 minutes for the bowlers, to be joined by Steve Heise, who saw the finish line and raced to it.

Sawyer went at 211, and Ben Fleiter was there to watch Heise seal the win with his second six, the day closing with the all-rounder's dismissal at 7/234.

Luke McInnes had toiled for 32 overs for his 2/61.

Nambour captain Steve Ledger wanted more than a first innings win over Caboolture when he declared the Cutters' reply at 8/166 at the Showgrounds, a lead of 85.

His confidence in the bowlers was vindicated in the second overs, as Zach Prosser captured the prize of Glen Batticciotto's wicket with his first ball, then had Zack Martin caught behind off the third delivery.

The Snakes' misfortune deepened with only captain Matt Schubert holding the innings together, returning the attack with a 47-ball 95 that carried the Snakes to three figures, before a five wicket haul from Prosser combined with five dismissals from 'keeper Jake Trace to end the reply at 158.

This left the Cutters a chase of 74 for a historic win, a chase headed by the experienced Ledger, whose 57 from 47 deliveries left no time for second thoughts, and an anchoring eight from a lot more faced by Hayden O'Çonnor.

At 2/77 the home side walked off to celebrate what lower ranked sides dream of, sending a message to the top four.

Nambour's Steve Ledger
Nambour's Steve Ledger

Both Coolum and Gympie avoided potential outright loss with strong second innings batting and the Sharks showed how the top four order can be affected by lower order resistance.

A courageous Coolum held out against Tewantin-Noosa for 82 overs to post a defiant 7/185 after the Thunder had batted on from their first day one-run lead to declare at 6/203.

The Tewantin declaration left Coolum the task of batting out the day to avoid outright defeat, or at least set a target unreachable in time.

This was easily done, with the home side showing a grit and maturity that obviously surprised the Thunder, who had batted on a vital ten overs after passing Coolum's 126.

Hampered by the absence of Tom Freshwater, replaced by a soon injured Scott Aufderheide, the visitors lacked the firepower to overcome the patient Sharks, led by Tim Hynes' 60, in a display that will do the young side a greater service than mere points.

Tewantin-Noosa bowler Scott Aufderheide. Picture: Warren Lynam
Tewantin-Noosa bowler Scott Aufderheide. Picture: Warren Lynam

Gympie fell too easily to Caloundra's 9/273 with 161 in their first innings as only Andy Batten's gutsy 96 kept his side in the middle at Manthie Oval, then, as only Gympie can, the home side responded to the follow-on edict with 1/128, powered by an unbeaten 101 from Steve Brady to close the day.

His seventh century took him to 6005 runs for Gympie.

He is now the Gold's leading all-time run scorer


SCCA DIVISION 1 RD 19 2D5 30-01-2021





Cahill D. lbw b Schloss 96

Schultz J. ct Schloss b McInnes 12

Taylor T. lbw b Agapow 16

Moffett l. b Jackson 14

Sawyer R.                 b McInnes 30

Topfer B. ct & b Anderson 12

Heise S. ct Jackson b Watson 34

Fleiter B. not out 5

Sundries: 14

Total: 7/234

FOW: 39, 77, 110, 168, 187, 211, 234.

Bowling: Stitt 14-4-26-0, Jackson 8-1-30-1, McInnes 32-10-61-2,

Anderson 18-4-46-1, Schloss 10-3-30-1, Agapow 6.1-0- 31-0,

Finch 1-0-6-0, Watson 1-0-6-1. Overs: 90.






Ledger S. ct Connew b Corlet 72

O'Connor H. ct Batticciotto b Flew 31

Douglas A. b Corlet 1

Trace J. ct Schubert b Flew 11

Dodd S. ct Martin b Bell 16

Swanton C. ct Schubert b Bell 2

Kross T. ct Batticciotto b Flew 2

Riddell T. run out 0

Winn J. not out 21

Close T. not out 4

Sundries: 7

Total: 8/166 (dec)

FOW: 108, 108, 112, 130, 136, 139, 140, 141.

Bowling: Flew 14-4-39-3, Corlet 20-5-28-2, Connew 18-3-54-0,

Bell 11-4-24-2, Lee 2-0-10-0, Millyard 3-1-5-0. Overs: 68.


Batticciotto G. b Prosser 2

Martin Z. ct Trace b Prosser 1

Ryan L. ct Trace b Winn 0

Schubert M. ct Coughlan b Prosser 95

Corlet C. ct Trace b Prosser 19

Flew J. ct Trace b Kross 8

Millyard T. ct Riddell b Prosser 1

Lee M. not out 13

Bell D. st Trace b Close 12

Connew J. lbw b Close 4

Sundries: 3

Total: 158

FOW: 3, 4, 4, 119, 128, 128, 133, 154, 158.

Bowling: Winn 4-2-5-1, Prosser 10-1-35-5, Coughlan 3-1-7-0,

Close 4.4-0-71-1, Kross 7-1-38-0. Overs:


Ledger S. ct Millyard b Connew 57

O'Connor H. b Bell 8

Riddell T. not out 12

Trace J. not out 0


Total: 2/77


Bowling: Flew 4-1-8-0, Corlet 5-0-12-0, Millyard 3-0-21-0, Connew 5-1-8-1,

Bell 3.2-2-28-1. Overs:.20.2.




CALOUNDRA 1st INNINGS (resuming at 7/263)

Wright W. ct White b Cochrane 16

De Kauwe T. ct Brady b Waugh 9

Cottrell I. not out 10

Sundries: 4

Total: 9/273 (dec)

FOW: 5, 34, 94, 109, 194, 236, 259, 272, 273.

Bowling: Mitchell 17-4-57-1, Cochrane 19-5-50-1, Ashton 13-9-9-0

Maxwell 9-1-31-1, White 21-3-73-2, Waugh 13-1-33-3,

McGlone 7-3-15-0, Kropp 3-1-3-0. Overs: 102.


Waugh L. ct Cain b De Kauwe 6

Brady S. ct Maidment b De Kauwe 3

Batten A. not out 96

AshtonT. ct Cottrell b Carter 1

Kropp L. lbw b Cottrell 2

McGlone M. ct Boncompagni b Sanderson 43

Vidler J b Sanderson 2

Mitchell B. ct Cain b Carter 2

Maxwell L. ct Muir b Carter 4

Cochrane K. b Peters 0

White J. ct Cain b Peters 0

Sundries: 2

Total: 161

FOW: 6, 11, 12, 28, 124, 128, 134, 142,

Bowling: Carter 9-4-19-3, De Kauwe 11-0-19-2, Cottrell 10-5-17-1

, Muir 8-0-37-0, Wright 6-0-21-0, Boncompagni 6-0-23-0,

Sanderson 5-2-12-0, Peters 4.5-2-11-2. Overs: 59.5.


Waugh L. b Sanderson 9

Brady S. not out 101

Ashton T. not out 14

Sundries: 2

Total: 1/128

FOW: 84.

Bowling: Carter 3-0-21-0, De Kauwe 3-1-7-0, Cottrell 5-1-13-0,

Cain 4-0-19-0, Muir 5-0-27-0, Sanderson 3-1-2-1,

Peters 5-0-15-0, Boncampagni 3-0-21-0. Overs: 31.






Bennett A. b McLean 95

Wright C. ct McLean b Morgan 31

Officer J. ct McLean b Brooks 30

Dennien J. ct Slattery b Brooks 6

Kratzmann A. b Hynes 23

Taylor D. not out 16

Aufderheide S. ct Mackee b McLean 0

Baker S. not out 0

Sundries: 2

Total: 6/203(dec)

FOW: 39, 97, 110, 163, 203, 203.

Bowling: Morgan 4-0-33-1, Hynes 11-2-43-1, McLean 8.5-0-43-2,

Cowling 5-0-35-0, Brooks 5-2-25-2. Overs: 37.5.


Slattery Z. ct Wright b Stewart 25

Churchill H. ct Dennien b Taylor 23

Cowling R. ct Baker b Taylor 1

Hynes T. ct Dennien b Lea 60

Mackee T. ct Pyne b Taylor 14

Goodwin A. ct Pyne b Baker 34

Kenny D. lbw b Lea 18

McLean J. not out 2

Brooks S. not out 0

Sundries: 8

Total: 7/185

FOW: 38, 43, 53, 84, 156, 182, 184,

Bowling: Aufderheide 6-1-12-0, Stewart 17-5-33-1,Taylor 30-6-83-2,

Lea 10-3-20-2, Dennien 5-1-16-0, Officer 10-5-11-0,

Bennett 1-0-2-0, Baker 2-1-2-1, Wright 1-0-1-0. Overs: 82.


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