Girl tells of dad's sexual assault

A 15-YEAR-OLD girl who was sexually assaulted by her father yesterday gave a heartbreaking account of the impact the crime had on her life.

The girl, who was 14 at the time of the 2010 offence, told Bundaberg District Court it felt like she had been “to hell and back”.

The teenager’s 38-year-old father pleaded guilty to one charge of indecent treatment of a child who was a lineal descendant.

The girl stood before the court, where her father and family sat, to read a victim impact statement she had prepared.

“I miss you more than everything, but you’ve broken my trust and my heart,” she said.

“My life has changed and I will never be the same girl I was a year ago.”

The teen said while she had once been heavily involved in athletics, she had quit without the support of her father.

“I don’t do athletics anymore ... I’m unfit and I don’t eat properly,” she said.

“You smashed my heart into a million pieces.

“You broke my love for you.”

Crown prosecutor Dzenita Balic told the court how the Bundaberg man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the girl, had sent his daughter a text message telling her to shower with him on March 13 last year.

“I’m going for a shower in 10 minutes, I want you to have one with me or you’re not coming out of that room,” the text read.

“She of course did not want to do that, but nevertheless she obliged,” Ms Balic told the court.

“They showered together ... (and when they finished) he directed her to lie on the bathroom floor.”

The man proceeded to rub his genitals against his daughter and touched her, asking her if it felt good.

The teen immediately reported the offence to her family and police.

The dad was arrested and, when he was later released on bail, the girl’s mother resumed a relationship with him, meaning the teen was turned over to the Department of Families to be cared for.

“I felt like no one loved me,” the girl told the court.

Judge Douglas McGill sentenced the man to 18 months jail, to be suspended for three years after serving six months.

Judge McGill took into account the man had served 49 days in custody following the offence.

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