Gibson’s former ally says he will fight for pre-selection

MEMBER for Gympie David Gibson had failed the region, Scott Elms said yesterday.

The Rainbow Beach businessman is so incensed with the proposed Inskip Point master plan, overseen by the LNP and Mr Gibson, he has decided to challenge Mr Gibson in the upcoming LNP pre-selection for the seat of Gympie.

Mr Elms came out swinging yesterday as he announced his plan to topple Mr Gibson.

He accused Mr Gibson of political bullying and bias which he said was damaging the region's prospects of economic, tourism and jobs growth.

"Something has to be done," Mr Elms said.

"That is why I am taking the Premier's offer that all LNP MPs' positions are open to contest and I am announcing that I will run against David for LNP pre-selection.

"While I have never had any ambition to be a politician and whilst nobody else presents themselves as a credible contender I see no option but to challenge David for this seat."

The catalyst for the shock move from one of Mr Gibson's former political allies (Mr Elms was in Mr Gibson's campaign team) was the release of the draft Inskip Point master plan last week.

Mr Elms, who has been unashamedly pro-development and a supporter of the Rainbow Shores development, said the new plan was "doomed to fail" and he now had nothing to lose by taking a stand.

"Let me be straight. David Gibson's Rainbow Beach master plan is far worse for the economy, jobs, tourism and the environment than anything previously put forward by the Labor Party," Mr Elms said.

He said both options in the draft plan locked Rainbow Beach into a maximum population of 2000 forever.

"That is not a sustainable critical mass, not even enough to support an 18-hole golf course (a course is in the draft plan) let alone other appropriate and desirable infrastructure and services."

He accused Mr Gibson of failing on a number of fronts, not just the Inskip Point plan.

They include not doing enough to assist J Smith and Sons retain their employees, failing on an election promise of 50 new high-paying jobs in the re-established Main Roads office, and failing to support tourism by keeping his promise to resign in protest if an LNP government did not remove beach driving fees on the Cooloola Coast.

"Ironically David's inability to assist with job creation on these fronts stems from the fact that in Brisbane he has lost the ability to open doors because they all know about his past," Mr Elms said.

Mr Elms made many other allegations about Mr Gibson in an eight-page document he sent out to Gympie LNP members yesterday.

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