Member for Gympie David Gibson.
Member for Gympie David Gibson.

Gibson slams Lucas over pay dramas

MEMBER for Gympie David Gibson’s Facebook page created to show support for Gympie Hospital staff amid one of Queensland Health’s biggest pay debacle now has 121 fans.

For the fifth pay cycle in a row, QH employees have awoken to find once again their wages have either not been paid in full, at all or they have been paid too much.

Unions say every QH employee at Gympie Hospital would have been affected in some way in the bungle.

Premier Anna Bligh has said no QH staff should have gone without wages for five consecutive pay cycles, despite claims that a nurse had again been unpaid.

QH workers were affected by glitches in new pay software that came online in March.

And problems are continuing in this week’s latest cycle, workers told talkback radio stations yesterday.

Speaking to The Gympie Times yesterday, Mr Gibson said Health Minister Paul Lucas had showed a disgraceful display in parliament by denying the pay stuff-up was his fault and had instead blamed IBM, QH employees and contractors.

“The minister refuses to take responsibility for this incredible Labor stuff-up,” Mr Gibson said.

“I only hope we’re seeing some progress, but in light of the minister’s denials I have a sinking feeling hospital staff will continue to be stuffed around because of the sheer incompetence of this.”

Mr Gibson said it was also disgraceful to hear the Attorney General fobbing off an Industrial Relations investigation into the bungle.

“If it was a public hospital that had failed to pay there would be all hell to pay.”

Mr Gibson said industrial action and court cases would have started if it was any other business or enterprise and the government had completely denied they had any responsibility.

“I have no confidence there has been any improvement,” he said.

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