Gibson: Lucas ignored Gympie

DEPUTY Premier and Health Minister Paul Lucas has ignored correspondence LNP Member for Gympie David Gibson said yesterday.

Mr Gibson said he had written to Minister Lucas on several occasions this year on behalf of a constituents regarding care at both Nambour, Gympie and other Hospitals.

“It’s not uncommon for us to have to send the same letter three times to get a response from the minister’s office before we get a response.” Mr Gibson said.

“On one occasion we wrote on behalf of a family that was trying to get answers from the Minister about the death of a family member in a Townsville Hospital – after nearly eight months of delay he then didn’t even have the decency to sign the letter in response.

“This simply confirms what the Opposition has been saying for a long time; Paul Lucas is a bone-idle minister who is more interested in spin than substance.

“His inattention to detail is legendary which is why Queensland Health is such a disaster under his watch.

“If the minister can’t even pay his employees on time, in full or at all, why should Queenslanders expect him to deal with the detail that is piling up on his desk which is important to them but apparently boring to him.”

Mr Gibson said his letters were just some of hundreds of pieces of unanswered correspondence yet to be dealt with by the health minister.

“This is gross dereliction of duty by Paul Lucas, who will go down in history as the most incompetent and laziest health minister Queensland has ever had,” he said.

“Paul Lucas has been a disaster and Premier Bligh should show some leadership, sack him and replace him with someone who is up to the task.

“That is unlikely to happen, firstly because her government is full of underperforming Paul Lucas clones with little real-world experience and secondly, because Bill Ludwig probably won’t let her.”

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