UPDATE: Dawson MP George Christensen has responded to his roasting on Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell last night, describing it as "funny" and "light-hearted". 

Mr Micallef took aim at the MP's claim he would cross the floor on the LNP's proposed changes to superannuation, which he has described as a "Labor-style" policy. 

"Now, George is no fool..." Mr Micallef said while a series of photos from Mr Christensen's Facebook page were shown, including shots of the MP dressed as Santa Claus and Spider-Man. 

"But I am a bit confused by his gamesmanship here because George says because his party is now adopting a 'Labor-style' policy on superannuation he'll cross the floor, presumably to vote with Labor.

"But wouldn't Labor be likely to vote for Labor-style policies?" 

Mr Christensen responded by saying it "probably wasn't anything to be taken serious". 

"It was just having a joke about the Labor-style policy and crossing the floor to vote with Labor," he said. 

"It's a strange situation, but that's all it is." 

The host then went on to criticise Mr Christensen's comments following an attack on the Merrylands Police Station in Sydney's west. 

Mr Christensen said he had no response to the presenter's mocking. 

"I just found that the segment was funny (and) light-hearted, and if you can't have a laugh at yourself it's pretty sad," he said. 

The Member for Dawson said he missed the segment live-to-air. 

"But I got a heap of text messages about it from friends all over the place saying Shaun Micallef's just roasted you," he said. 

"So when I got home last night I had a look and had a laugh, but that was about it." 


Dawson MP George Christensen's campaign signs have been defaced.
Dawson MP George Christensen's campaign signs have been defaced. Contributed


EARLIER: Shaun Micallef has used his Mad As Hell program to call out Dawson MP George Christensen.

"George is no fool," Micallef said.

This was followed laughter and a picture montage of photos of the Dawson MP making bunny ears, in a spiderman suit and hamming it up in other photos like the one below.

Micallef also called the MP out over his Facebook post about an incident at Merrylands.

"George was the very first politician to offer public commentary on the Merrylands police station attack," he said.

"Within  about an hour of it happening he posted this headline from the Daily Telegraph - 'Car with gas cyclinders rams police station', commenting 'I wonder how quickly some idiot is going to inanely say this has nothing to do with Islam'.

"Within two hours he himself said 'the incident may not have been a terrorist attack'."

He then read out the rest of the Facebook post.

Micallef then went on to say "by George he's got it".

"The sooner this country gets infected with whatever it is he has the sooner we can build up some immunity," he said.

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