Cass and Aaron Shelton
Cass and Aaron Shelton

Generosity shines during rental nightmare after son’s death

THE generosity of a few Bundaberg locals has been a ray of sunshine on the toughest year in the life of Cass and Aaron Shelton and their family.

In whatever spare moments they had, the Redcliffe-based family were attempting to juggle their professional lives, a rental property in Bundaberg and most importantly, the cancer treatment for their son, Jake.

Tragically, Jake passed away in January, just a few months after he turned 18, succumbing to an aggressive, one-in-a-million chordoma.

In November while coming to grips with Jake's first birthday since he passed, the Shelton's received word their property up in Bundaberg had been thoroughly trashed by its tenants.

"There were so many things going on - we were at breaking point," Mrs Shelton said.

"The emotions of the first birthday while he's not here and then the first Christmas coming up and he's not here - having to deal with Bundaberg as such, it was like 'I don't know if we can do any more, our tanks are nearly empty'."

Cass Shelton, Jake Shelton and Aaron Shelton
Cass Shelton, Jake Shelton and Aaron Shelton

While Mrs Shelton said they were aware their tenants had fallen on hard times, they cut them a lot of slack having been through such a hard year themselves.

But it went far beyond rental neglect.

"The carpet was ruined downstairs, the carpets ruined upstairs, there's holes in the walls, the curtains are ripped out - it's not like they neglected the property, they actually trashed the property," she said.

"That hurt, because we were just trying to help them out to be honest."

Seeing the state the property was in, their property manager Taylor and Michelle White from Michelle White Cleaning Services, who had done the original bond clean before it went on the market, organised a working bee to get the property up to scratch free of charge over the last fortnight.

"I really can't put into words how grateful we are," Mrs Shelton said.

"I think if Aaron and I had of gone up to the property and seen it in that state, it could have just pushed us to that limit.

"I just think there's only so much you can take before a person can break and they saved us, saved so much of us."

Mrs Shelton got in touch with the NewsMail to thank Michelle White, their property manager Taylor, Mark from Country Care Carpets, Dan Evans, Sean O'Mara and his mate Boyd and the tradies, tilers, chippies and all the rest who chipped in their time and resources over the past few weeks to get the property back to its former standard.

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