Garry Lyon talks of 'humbling experience'

AFL: Garry Lyon has made a successful return to work this morning on the new SEN breakfast show, acknowledging his year off had been the most humbling experience of his life.

Lyon has done an interview with Mike Sheahan that will broadcast in full tomorrow, saying he wanted to address the elephant in the room.

SEN played part of the interview, which showed a very candid Lyon talking about his year dealing with mental health struggles.

"What I can tell you, it has been the most humbling process in my life," he told Mike Sheahan.

"Because when you get to this stage in your life, when you lose control of your emotions, it just strips all ego from you, because you are in the hands, or your fall at the feet at whoever can help you.

"You have this situation where you can't control your emotional state. It just humbles you.

"I've historically been a confident person, I've got a really healthy ego.

"Sometimes your self awareness isn't what it should be, because you can get carried away ... you ride your success without stopping to say, hang on, where am I at.

"If anything, I've never been more self aware then I have been right now, and hopefully, you know, I'll come back with a degree of humility that helps me recognise maybe in others, if they are struggling.

"But also have self awareness to be able to say this is where I'm at, lets not let this get out of control.

"Which is why the workload and life balance is really important."

Lyon started at 6am this morning alongside Hamish McLachlan, with the third big signing on the news breakfast show - Tim Watson - starting at 7am.

Lyon said it was during his year off he didn't go to one footy game.

"I didn't go to a game, but I watched every Melbourne game they played and I guess the second half of the year," he said.

"I watched more and more footy, but I didn't watch much the first half of the year."

The full Lyon interview will be broadcast on SEN tomorrow after 8am.

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