Doug Moses and Gillian Simpson received parking fines during their recent rehearsals for the Senior Concert Group.
Doug Moses and Gillian Simpson received parking fines during their recent rehearsals for the Senior Concert Group.

Furious pensioners revolt over CBD parking fines

FIESTY pensioners from one singing group have taken to the streets in a revolt over the lack of parking in the Ipswich CBD after two members were slugged with fines during a recent rehearsal.

Doug Moses and Gillian Simpson from the Ipswich City Council Senior Concert Group returned to their cars to find a fine for $100 after they had parked in the council car park for too long following their Tuesday morning rehearsals last week.

An outraged Mr Moses said the infringement notice was "unfair" because group members were already struggling to find places to park their vehicles.

He said they parked in those spaces because they were the only ones available.

"Sometimes, there is absolutely no where for us to park at all.

"I even had a note on my dashboard to say we were with the senior's group, but the council still went ahead and fined me."

Mr Moses believes special exemptions should be made for the group, who need to be in the city centre to rehearse shows which will then be put on for the community's enjoyment.

"We are here providing a service for the council. We are the council's own singing group," he said.

"Our shows are really popular and help to fill the Civic Centre, so we are helping the council to make money by bringing in more people to the city.

"We would like to have a little pass which we could place on our dashboards which say we are from the group, and we will be in the city for a certain amount of time, and that we will be gone by a certain time.

"I think this is a good idea because we all can't be ducking out of rehearsals at different times to go and put more money in the meters," Mr Moses said.

When speaking to the Queensland Times, many other group members said the only way they could secure a car park was to come into the city earlier in the morning before the peak hour rush.

Many said they were dipping into their own pockets and spending close to $10 a week simply to cover the cost of their rehearsal times.

"We are only pensioners, and don't have a lot of money coming in," Mr Moses said.

An Ipswich City Council spokesperson said set time periods for parking in the CBD were in place to ensure a healthy turnover of visitors.

"The Humanities building car park is regulated. If the gentleman is attending an activity at the Humanities building then he can park in the free car park for the centre and fill in a registration book inside of the Humanities building which would then make his vehicle authorised and able to park in the Humanities building car park for free," the spokesperson said.

"The Civic Centre has free car parks for customers attending the centre. If during peak periods the free Civic Centre car park is full then customers can use the Administration Building car park for up to two hours.

"The Administration Building car park is a timed free car park and customers of council can park for up to two hours.

"That time period has been set based on allowing turnover of the available parking to enable access to the majority of customers attending council facilities, such as the library."

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