Fund money well spent

AICM teacher Karen Thomsen has hit back at accusations that the institute has squandered $675,000 in State Government funding after news broke that the institute was having financial difficulties.

“What people don’t realise is that a percentage of the funds went towards restoring the building, paying our trainee staff and professional trainers required to teach them,” she said.

“The money didn’t even go as far as that. But the funding has created our foundations and we are determined to keep building on that.”

AICM director Doctor Geoff Walden said the money, made available through the Government’s Job Fund program, went towards getting the AICM grounded.

He said a number of projects in the pipeline wouldn’t have been possible without the platform created through the funding.

“The institute’s philosophy is: education can influence the development of an entire community,” he said.

AICM offers a Certificate III and IV in Music and a Certificate III in Technical Studies, as well as courses in stage development, beginner’s guitar and vocal coaching.

An oldies class is held every Monday evening.

Dr Walden said he’d received some heartening news since word got out about the institute’s financial difficulties. Two professors from Southern Cross University’s creative industry department are keen to work with AICM on projects to help the institute generate an income and another plan is to hold academic conferences at the venue.

Local professional musician Chris Campbell has also come on board offering his time for free one day a week to work with AICM to get it registered as a Registered Training Organisation.

AICM is seeking the donation or loan of a bass guitar for bass lessons. If you can help, phone Dr Walden on 0418  792  159.

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