THE Community Family Fun day was all about connecting with the community, according to Property Shop Australia CEO John David.

The event, organised by the company, received overwhelmingly positive feedback from vendors and patrons alike and attracted between three and four thousand people.

"The ladies at the petting zoo said they measure attendance by how much sanitiser they go through. On New Years Eve they went through five bottles. On Saturday they said they went through nearly 14 bottles," Mr David said.

That was just one of the attractions put on for the event which had the Nelson Reserve thronging with people between 9am - 3pm on Saturday.

"We had people saying they didn't realise what we do. The radio station pulled people out of the crowd to do live testimonials. What they said about us was amazing,"he said.

According to Mr David, vendors were more than happy with the turn out, and sound technicians likened the crowd to those that attended the Thirsty Merc concert in October last year.

"The amount of parents who said it was great that we were putting this on for the community, was amazing," Mr David said.

A major part of the event was to announce the winners of two $17,500 deposits for two lucky winners.

First home buyers Kailea Winn and Adam Delisser, and investors Jade and Steven Brady have got themselves a leg-up after winning their deposits.

Several other people scored one of 10 a hundred dollar giveaways while one lucky winner got a thousand dollars.

After the success of the event, Mr David is already planning the next competition to start mid year.

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